I’m selling several vintage & one antique raceboats for an acquaintance.
here is what is still available:
late 40’s Jacoby conventional step class C hydro
1956 Sid Craft class BU Hornet exceptional condition
1959 Sid Craft DU very nice condition. Decks were removed to clean and apply new varnish internally
1965/66 Sid Son class DSH/ BOH HYDRO similar to the won that I won the 1968 nationals
mid 50’s restored Swift Big Bee for BSH, some did run CSH
Early 50’s Swift A/B hydro no decks. Cleaned, sanded & varnished under where the decks go. Mahogany plywood not Fir
Speedliner model Typhon mint condition. With or without beautiful factory model MK40H
1956 restored MK55H
MK40H with powerhead dis-assembled from lower unit but all parts there. Very good condition.
Contact jschubert19j@gmail.com for details & pictures