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HRL To Bring Outboard back to Quebec

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      Originally posted by deeougee View Post

      That problem extends to what? 3 different engines, OMC, Merc and SW because as of right now there is no gear foot being produced for any of these engines. SW LLC was producing the foot for all of them. As of right now everything is in limbo. Great way to promote a sport! What are those SW engines worth now? You can’t get critical parts like pistons, sleeves, ignition, you name it! They are not like the OMC and Merc where you can get everything except the foot and associated parts. Could you imagine what would happen if Yamato decided not to release engines anymore? It is certainly a future possibility because it is the race sites in Japan that now own the engines not Yamato. They, ie. Yamato have been around long enough now that aftermarket 80 and 102 parts have been produced. This whole deal with boat racing right now is bad and I do not see any discussion about how racing is moving into the future. How about moving to the off the self 4 stroke engines like the 15 and 20 hp merc with the stock foot. This outfit has Morse steering. It’s a rec boat but you get the picture. There is a lot more traffic on the Muskoka SeaFlea site than on the TORC site thats for sure! Get away from the specialized racing engines and gear foot. You could add a low water pickup nose cone on these engines and go faster than we are currently going with the racing foot.
      Yes… yes, this should be the future.


      Dean F. Hobart


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        It would really be neat to see mercury, Suzuki, tohastu…any manufacturer sponsor the j series running a 4 stroke motor.

        Regardless I can’t wait to see what next year brings.