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1960's 1000 Islands NY marathon boat racing video

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  • 1960's 1000 Islands NY marathon boat racing video

    Celebrating those that came before us
    Region 3 APBA once held a Marathon on the Cooper River a small river (tributary) that flowed into the Delaware River opposite the city of Phil'a... seems to me, the Nasty 9 racing team- Norm Brewington, Ernie Fanslau and Dave Rode were the ones who organized this race.

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    The 1000 Islands Marathon was a 100-mile race run on the American side of the Saint Lawrence River between the villages of Clayton, NY and Brockville, Ontario. The Fishers Landing Racing Club ran the race. Fishers Landing is a hamlet halfway between the villages of Clayton and Alexandria Bay, NY which are 10 miles apart on the American side of the river. The marathon was known for the notoriously rough water between Clayton and Fishers landing, on open water almost unprotected from the prevailing southwest wind that blew downriver between Clayton and Fishers Landing.

    The Fishers Landing Racing Club was founded by Gerald Reed and other local boat racers in 1947. Although the club no longer runs races on the Saint Lawrence River, it still runs an annual mid-September regatta on normally smooth water on nearby Crystal Lake near Redwood, NY. That race is on 17-18 September this year. Come see us and run on fabulous lake water.

    The Crystal Lake regatta, incidentally, was originally run by the now-defunct Saint Lawrence Valley Boating and Racing Association out of Ogdensburg in the 1950s and '60s. That regatta was a well-sponsored race for PRO Outboards and Inboards with good prize money. After a few years with no regatta on Crystal Lake, the Fishers Landing club filled the void, took over, and downgraded it to a pay-to-race, Stock outboard venue with no prize money in 1996. And so it remains until the present. Nonetheless, the lake water is normally calm and a good place for running race boats.