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Yamato " kick back "

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  • Yamato " kick back "

    When starting our Yamato motors [ 80, 302,321 ] for the first time of the season or after a long lay off between races, I am getting kick back when I rope over the motors. After the motors have been fired, ready to race , the problem does not exist. How do others eliminate this problem?

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    I assume all fuel drained from carb and tank when in storage? What are your start process steps when out of storage? When out of storage I rope over my Y80 with plugs out and ignition kill switch grounded to remove excess fuel and storage oil and after filling tank and pressing the float pin a few times it starts after a few rope overs with no backfire. Ignition always locked on full advance.
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      Get a snowmobile recoil handle, put some rope on it and use it to start your outboard engines. Much more substantial handle and will eliminate any recoil problems. I take it you oil your cylinders? Your getting a hydrolock. Pull the plugs if you want the first time and rope it over a couple of times. The snowmobile handle is the way to go though.


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        Only ONE wrap, no more