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Storage/Service/Launching Dollies: Show me what you got!

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  • Storage/Service/Launching Dollies: Show me what you got!

    So my recent project boat did not come with a trailer; I dragged it home just sitting on an old 2 place snowmobile trailer. Right now I'm working on the hull with a bumper horse and a sawhorse, but I'm quickly learning that moving it around is fairly annoying as I have to flip it right side up, move the saw horses/bumper horse, then flip it upside down again and put it in a new location.

    So... thinking about building a dolly to help service it. However, I'm wondering if such a thing could also sort of function as a walkable dolly at the boat launch; easily able to roll off a trailer and drop into the water.

    Anyway, if you have either, or a hybrid like I'm suggesting, please let me know by sharing some photos, I would greatly appreciate it.


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    Contact Spud Hemp.... he makes aluminum dolly’s. And he is on this site often.

    Dean F. Hobart


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      You need something like in the picture here. Find some Bike wheels and box tubing and get the mig out.

      Not my boats but my picture.