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12M Race Trailer For Sale - Sticker Collection Included

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  • csh12M
    I would also trade this trailer for a strong Yamato 321 or sealed 300 motor

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  • 12M Race Trailer For Sale - Sticker Collection Included

    For sale: 12M Race Trailer

    I LOVE this trailer! Love it, but I have to keep my equipment offsite in a pole barn. I do not have the time to wash boats and clean equipment; therefore, I purchased a small enclosed trailer. I had planned on keeping this trailer because I LOVE it (did I mention that), but 25M snowmobile purchase forces me to sell to fit everything in storage. This trailer has never let me down and has been pulled all over the country. It tracks straight as an arrow, no sway or bounce ever. It has large leaf springs and a new 3500lb axle (used to be 1500, but I replaced two years ago). Nothing moves going down the road, I have left an open soda on the toolbox, and it is still there five hours later pulling into the pits. When fully loaded, I can comfortably carry three boats (up to C class size), five two-cylinder engines (with steering bars on), two carts, 10 gallons of gas, two bikes, two sets of gear/helmets, and two prop boxes.

    Currently, the trailer has three cosmetic issues:
    1. The carpet could be refreshed: I did it about five years ago, but I made a poor carpet choice, and it has not held up well. It is 100% functional, just not up to my cosmetic standards.
    2. One fender has a dent that is pointed out in the pictures. No idea how that happened, but I grazed something that caused the fender to dent. It can be taken off, a little bit of Bondo, and repainted. The trailer also comes with one spare matching custom fender in case you ever really destroy one.
    3. There is a dent in the aluminum left rear panel, also pointed out with pictures. To fix, the trim would have to be removed, and new aluminum panel installed, or the perfect size sticker and a little Bondo.

    There are no leaks and no ROT anywhere on the trailer. It is very well sealed, no surprises anywhere. The racks come off quickly for recarpeting purposes.

    The cost with gas cans, carts, and horses (as is in the pictures) is $3500
    Cost without carts $3100

    Pictures can be viewed from the following link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/o9v5T3CoizpCW38u8

    I would also consider trades (plus or minus negotiable cash) for the following:
    Strong Mercury 20H (TJ/Webster/Dixon)
    Strong 20 Sidewinder (Lisius)
    Pater CSH props (Wakefield Props)
    Any 70MPH CSH prop
    Runne 6 Nats CSR prop
    Nuccio’s Austin CSR
    Sweenys CSR Marathon boat
    Brian Rhodes 25SSR Runabout
    1989 Pontiac Firebird or Iroc Z Camero in good shape