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    What a beauty. You are certainly not afraid of hard work.


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      Did this thing see the water yet?
      Your invite from my earlier post still applies to come out east.


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        Hey Albert. Hope all is well. Yessir, Ive had the old Beezer out quite a few times over the last 2 summers. What a blast!. I have driven many boats in my day, including some pretty sketchy rides, but this is a whole new ball o wax! With some consultation from Rick Fralick and others, I was able to get it handling well and managed about 62mph on gps. It flies straight and stable! The motor is soft on one cylinder and will not take all the throttle, so I know there is more there.
        I'm rebuilding a second powerhead to use so I don't grenade the original. Overall, I am blown away with how beautiful this boat is. Not so much tooting my own horn as I am complimenting Shannon Bowman and Co. for the craftsmanship and design.
        The winter project plan is..... New powerhead. Get a Tachometer. Speedometer. DO some yoga so I don't get so **** sore after driving this thing!
        Plan trip to Nova Scotia to do some Rippin with you guys!
        I'll dig through some Photos to post


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          Super great jobs to both of you guys. These are some of the best restorations I have ever seen.

          Dean F. Hobart


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            If you have a picture or two of it flying it would be a shame not to post it.

            I'm happy to hear you are getting use out of it. We'll be running "group testing" out here on fathers day weekend and mid August next year if either of those work on your calendar.