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'Cocktail' Class Runabout Race

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  • 'Cocktail' Class Runabout Race

    -short notice, but TUE MAR 10, starting 10AM this group is holding one of their 10
    North American races in Lake Placid FL.. Site is Lake Apthorpe, or 'Cemetery Lake'
    to those who have attended AOF races there .
    I believe this is one of only 2 races in FL.
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    What is a cocktail runabout ?


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    3 second google search result: ( There is actually a drawing of a mixed drink as their logo! )

    CCWBRA class of Six (6) HP (4)-cycle outboard motors manufactured by Tohatsu with the following model designation: MFS6CS or MFS6CDS. The CCWBRA was founded in 2010 to encourage and organize racing in the Cocktail Class Runabout. Based on the out-board racer SKUA, an 8 ft. plywood skimmer designed in 1939 by Charles MacGregor, the Cocktail Class Runabout is an economical, easily constructed and exciting runabout. It is ideal for racing at all skill levels and ages.
    Although a young powerboat racing organization, the CCWBRA and its one-design Cocktail Class Runabout have received overwhelming enthusiasm and support from around the world. Boats are being built and raced in 33 states and 7 countries. We are sure they will engage all generations of your family and friends for many years to come!


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      It's 5 o'clock somewhere so let's tip a few. I helped a friend build his and get the bottom true since these little 8 ft or so under powered racers need all the help they can squeeze out.The engine height is fixed and stock props and the plans are very specific what must be built. Then I test ran it a few times to further tweek, fun little boats, they run from 20 to 30 mph depending on engine used, etc. He is racing down in Lake Anthrope this week end.
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        bh/ commented
        Editing a comment
        -must be becoming popular as one of the racers from MI got his stolen overnite from the parking lot @Marriot.
        He  was able to  buy another one at the race .

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      Are there any proposed "Cocktail" boat races in the Northwest in 2020?


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        Originally posted by SeaBat View Post
        Are there any proposed "Cocktail" boat races in the Northwest in 2020?
        Their website was provided above. Pretty simple to click on their events calendar OR just asking on their website?