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Rest In Peace..............BOB GOLLER

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  • Rest In Peace..............BOB GOLLER

    Bob Goller passed away this morning at the age of would take days to outline the contribution and support Bob has given to our sport!

    Rest in Peace Bob.....

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    Bob Goller was a friend and a huge part of where boat racing is today. I canít start to express how sad it is that he is gone. May Bob Rest In Peace. When you think boat racing you canít not think of Bob. Region 1 and racing in general weíre lucky to know Bob. I remember CMH in the 80ís and Bob was the guy to beat in the largest Mod class. He lead while others followed. He made everyone else better trying to catch him with those expansion chambers. Fasts **** CMH I ever saw run. I would periodically visit Bob over the last few years and just talk racing. His mind was so full of knowledge but his eyesight prevented him from working on engines as much as he wanted too. He would give me advice and we would talk about the old days. I will miss our occasional talks together. Rest In Peace Bob. We will miss you. The racing community has lost a legend in the sport. I regret not taking Bob up on his offer for me to run his equipment one season in my teenage years. Thank you Bob for showing me confidence in my racing ability when I was a youngster. That will always mean the world to me.


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      Rest in peace Bob, your contributions were absolutely immeasurable!


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        I recall Bob telling me one day in the 1970s when he was developing the expansion chambers on his C-Mod engine,''You know, Dave, these chambers have the engine running on the hairy edge. A lot of people think that chambers won't work well on a deflector engine, but I think I'm proving them wrong. But to be safe -- or at least a little safer -- I buy a drum of aviation gasoline at the airport in the spring so that then I know I have the same fuel to work with all season. That takes one of the 'if' factors out of my program.''

        I'll miss you, Bob.


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          Another Godfather of boat racing has passed. Going to miss talking to you Bob. RIP.


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            Race In Peace, Bob. You will be very much missed. See you at Lake Paradise.


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              We can all probably tell stories all day long about Bob Goller. So, I'm offering this - APBA Record Holder: Bob Goller CMH Kilo, 4/10/83 Moore Haven, FL 77.563 MPH "43-B" Giles/Merc. I'll see ya again Bob. RIP. Sincerely, Don Graham


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                Bob could squeeze more rpm's out of a Yamato than almost anyone. He worked on my Y-80 and Y-302 for a number of years and I'd visit him at his shop on summer trips through Massachusetts. He was a gentle man and I remember talking with him about "the old days" when he was hospitalized several years ago. Bob was a great guy to hang around with and he always had a new idea for making a motor faster. It just doesn't seem the same now that he is gone. Rest in peace, my friend.


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                  Bob out in frontout in front.jpg


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                    Bob enjoy your time now forever with other great racers in the kingdom of the Lord !

                    You made many people in racing happy and much faster with your super way to improve their engine and set ups !

                    Back in 1975 at Quincy when Chris and I were trying to re create the Quincy engines ,we got a phone call from a back east gentleman,
                    telling us about an A looper with expansion chambers that just blew the doors off of the fastest A Konig's at a race this past weekend, of course it was your pipes and set up that did that big surprise, Thank you !

                    You were also the Godfather of making expansion chambers work well on deflector Mercury's ,even when they said it could not be done !

                    You C mod Merc with your designed expansion chambers made a lot of Competitors lose lots and lots of sleep for years, and advanced the sport to grow

                    in speed and exhaust improvement for years to come !

                    Please rest with the lord between racing with old friends and competitors in lake Paradise !


                    Paul A Christner