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Mercury 44XS Dimensions

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  • Mercury 44XS Dimensions

    Could some tell me what the overall height from the bottom of the skeg to the top of the cowl is on a 44XS. I've build a little electric replica of a 44XS and I need to know what size to scale an RC boat so the motor looks in proportion.
    Could someone also tell me what the typical overall length is for a D Stock Hydro?
    I can post a picture of the replica motor if anyone is interested.


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    I posted some images of the model engine if anyone is interested.


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      Originally posted by Larry52 View Post
      I posted some images of the model engine if anyone is interested.

      Where did you post the pictures? I'll have you a batch of 44XS dimensions in 20 to 30 minutes.


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        44XS top cowling (including lower pan)
        13-1/2" wide
        23" front to back
        17-1/2" top to bottom

        12" long from nosecone to end of propshaft
        9-1/2" top to bottom (mounting surface to bottom of skeg)

        Exhaust tower
        14" from front to back at widest point of exhaust snout above propeller
        3" width of exhaust snout at back
        5" width of cavitation plate above propeller at widest point (it tapers in front & back)

        Overall height from bottom of skeg to top of cowling

        Width between transom clamp screw centerlines


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          Hi 25XS;
          Thank you very much for taking the time to get all those dimensions of the 44XS.
          I've not been on this forum before and did not know how to attach pictures to this thread so I put the photos in the "Latest Photos" section.

          The motor has a 1:1 lower unit with ceramic bearings and an oil filled gearcase with light ATF. I fill the gearcase from the bottom with a syringe and there is an overflow vent plug part way up the boot.
          I'm putting more power through the gearcase than it was designed for so I've tried to improve the lubrication and will also use a soft start speed controller so as not to strip the gears. My son designed the cowl from the few picture we could find on the internet. We had the cowls 3D printed and then we sanded filled and painted them.
          The watercooled brushless motor required that I make an special adapter plate to get it to fit the lower unit.
          I drew an early and a later version of the decals on the computer and had a local printing shop put them on self adhesive vinyl. The cowl and the decals were them clearcoated.

          Just for fun since I don't have a boat yet I made a little display motor stand.

          Thanks again.



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            I think I figured out how to add pictures to this thread.


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              Crazy cool!


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                That is very excellent.
                "Keep Move'n" life is catching up!
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                  Thanks Guys;
                  I've asked some RC boat people and I may have to make the boat a little longer than 2 feet (1/6 scale) for it to run OK. If it were a static model it would not matter but since I want to actually see this thing run I may have to compromise a bit.


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                    If you ever make any to sell, I am in!


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                      Originally posted by CSH12M View Post
                      If you ever make any to sell, I am in!
                      ME TOO!


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                        Hi Guys;
                        It's too bad but the company (KMB) that made the lower unit no longer carries them. The cowl can be 3D printed easily but without the lower unit it's not much use.
                        Cool scale outboards do not seem to be that popular among the RC community for some reason.