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    To those 30 or so boat racers that went to the Hill Billy BBQ and Grill last Saturday night in Jessup, overwhelming the small restaurant and then raising hell about the slow service. You certainly were an embarrassment to all boat racers. Please don't ask me about my favorite restaurants at the different venues as I really like the people that run them and do not want to expose them to a bunch of clowns with little or no manners. Jack Deck

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    Hill Billy BBQ does have good food, but I think the event had a good BBQ dinner and your support would have been appreciated I'm sure. I was not able to attend due to medical issues, which have been resolved, but will be there next year and will support the onsite BBQ.


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      What a shame!


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        We went there the night prior to the big group. The food was excellent as was the service! We were treated like family, I was disappointed to hear of the disrespect that happened the night after I ate there the night before.
        Ryan Brewster 57-S