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  • Tom Moulder

    Just a quick note
    Tom Moulder passed away this week
    He will be missed

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      Yes, time passes and we have lost an important contributor. Sorry to hear, prayers to all who hurt at his passing


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        Tom was very good to a bunch of us. Had the luxury of racing with him in 1 heat of A mod Runabout. Wasn't much racing as he was a 1/4 lap
        ahead of the rest of us. I remember he slowed down on the back straight to let us catch up. In the last turn I was close enough that he drenched
        me just for the heck of it. I will always remember that smirk on his face. RIP.


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          Another boat racer that lived the sport. condolences to the family and friends from Brothers Racing.


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            Tom will be missed by many in the racing community. He was truly one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. Prior to his failing health, Tom preferred to do trigonometry math problems just for fun instead of playing card games. It was always interesting to converse with him as he had tons of racing stories from back in the day. I once showed him a picture of a Champion mod motor that I had restored and his instant feedback was "the pipes are too long" I said, "Tom, I'm not going to race it, it's just for show". He said "the pipes are still too long". I think I'll leave them as is in his memory!