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Security Race Products: Cut Resistant Footwear Sale!

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  • Security Race Products: Cut Resistant Footwear Sale!

    In case you didnít hear, APBA has now mandated that drivers in J, SO, MO and PRO categories must wear cut resistant footwear starting with the 2019 racing season.
    Security Race Products has your feet covered! Between now and December 21st, Tuff n Lite Cut Socks are ON SALE for just $55 per pair...$5 off the regular price.
    But waitóthereís more! SRP cut Resistant Boots, normally $175 per pair, are on sale for $160 per pair between now and Dec 21st! Boots have Kevlar reinforced interlayer lining, water resistant grain leather, a flexible slip resistant sole, and pad walk system with grommeted drain holes on the in-step, making these boots tough, comfortable and light. These are a special order boot and take extra time to come to in. Black Only.
    6-1/2 - 12-1/2 Ė 14

    PM Patrick Gleason to order, or call the SRP shop At 253-850-6405! Merry Christmas to all our racing family!

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    I have worn the socks for probably 10 yrs. Put the socks on when you put on your pants and remove the same. The socks feel just like any other sock and have lasted for years (I think I am on my 2nd set - so about 5 yrs or so). Yes the elastic is a bit stretched out but for wearing them for 1 hour per day, they are a dream. Also, while you are thinking about getting socks for Xmas - also think about Kevlar gloves as well. There are very few people who don't make their living using hands or feet and the extra protection is well worth the small price.

    This is an unpaid or compensated opinion. I have had great luck with Security products and hope you do as well. And if Pat wants to kick a little something towards my stocking, it would not be rejected.
    Brian 10s


    • fbref5269
      fbref5269 commented
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      i agree with you brian. i will be sporting the kevlar fashion in 2019. i saw what unprotected foot look like without them at wilson this year.

    • Larry M
      Larry M commented
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      Last year NBRA gave ever driver that joined a free pair of socks. I bet they still have a few left, so if you wanted to race NBRA sometimes next year this would be a good time to sign up.

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    Are Kevlar or Kevlar lined gloves for hand protection also required?

    Dean F. Hobart


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      Originally posted by DeanFHobart View Post
      Are Kevlar or Kevlar lined gloves for hand protection also required?
      Not currently. Also.... cut resistant does not mean Kevlar. Cut resistant Gloves and socks usually are not Kevlar, but high performance polyethylene (HPPE) .


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        How did APBA define "cut resistant footwear" in the actual mandate? Is it socks AND shoes, or socks OR shoes? Any actual specification as to what "cut resistant" means?
        Tom Burwinkle


        • Matt Dagostino
          Matt Dagostino commented
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          You can use either the cut resistant socks or boots. Or if you like both! Most already wear the socks now. This is per Kyle Bahl who is on the Safety Committee and posted it on the Seattle Outboard Association website

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        Checking the updated rules on the APBA website cut resistant socks are the minimum requirement to meet the rule. There is no mention of gloves. Of course shoes provide excellent protection as well.


        • susqueduck
          susqueduck commented
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          What constitutes cut resistant? Hockey socks are cut resistant, but usually are not cut resistant in the foot.

        • Matt Dagostino
          Matt Dagostino commented
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          Bob....consult your local SORC Commissioner Kyle Bahl who is on the Safety Committee. Gloves were discussed but did not get incorporated into the rule.

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        Its pretty simple.... buy either the boots or the socks or both from Security or Lifeline if they make, There is no mention of gloves because they did not make that a rule.
        sigpicWayne DiGiacomo


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          Pat Gleason want to buy some socks and having trouble with pm.
          David Everhart, please email me so that I can order and pay for 2 pair
          David Everhart S52
          Avatar credit - F. Pierce Williams


          • sponsonhead
            sponsonhead commented
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            Check your email. Thanks, R-19

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          still no one has answered the question as to when the rule was mandated [ put into effect ], what was the definition at that time of " cut resistant "? must we pay for the security / lifeline product or what other options do we have?


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            This rule was passed in November 2018, it became effective 30 days after it was published. Cut resistant is manufactured defined and labeled as such. There is no rule on where you need to purchase the socks and/or shoes-boots
            444-B now 4-F
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            • dil/viller
              dil/viller commented
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              thanks Howie for the definition. I wasn't questioning the rule or when, .that is what it is. just looking for direction as to what would meet the rule. your reply works for me.