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Wakefield 2019 Nationals Stocks and J Classes and few other added classes July 2019

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  • Wakefield 2019 Nationals Stocks and J Classes and few other added classes July 2019

    Been getting asked for dates

    July 2019 week of 22 thru 26 more info to come

    You can start to make RV and camper for city camp ground by pits and hotel reservations after Feb 10th 2019

    BSOA is heading up to Wakefield in early October to finalize stuff with city and Indian Head. After that point we can share more details

    We will be also running some added classes

    750 Mod hydro and runabout

    200 Mod hydro

    200 Mod runabout - North American championship**

    250 Mod runabout and Hydro - North American championships**

    Mercury 20H hydro and runabout (special event)
    1988 stock rules as used in past runs at Wakefield (details to come on complete rules)

    Jimmy Hagerl 15ci Hot-Rod Roll Up runabout race in his name (details to come on complete rules)

    More to come later this fall after racing season is done, but this is just heads up on what is coming

    We always looking for helpers for that week so if interest just ask us!!!

    For questions fill out our question sheet on our website

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    Sign me up for the 20h race and Jimmy Hagerl hot rod race! Also the Toga Party.
    Johnny Wlodarski III


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      Somebody loan me a 20H so I can race the runabout event!


      • Matt Dagostino
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        Call your buddy Gary U.S. Pond.........he has a garage full of them!

      • flatsmoke
        flatsmoke commented
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        I own a very strong 20-H you can use. Everything is 1st class. What kind of boat do you have?
        Lee Sutter
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      I have a fast racecraft!


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        Appreciate offer!


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          I have access to a good 20H but would need to borrow a runabout.

          Tim Weber


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            I also running both the Jimmy 15 H-R runabout and 20H runabout... The Lemmie Express coming out for one last run!!! Might have to have Brain Wave mix up a batch of the Lemmie mix...

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            • Team B&H
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              Del is in his element preparing and serving Lemmies. He starts with an ordinary 3:1 mix and then goes to 2:1 and then for the dedicated 20-H guys goes to the long-course !:! mix for real top speed.

              Will be great to see the Lemmie Express again!

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            bumpy bumpy some N.A.C Mod classes added
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              Indian Head lodging and hotel rooms can start calling after Jan 10th 2019

              You can make RV and Camper reservations for city camp ground by pits after FEB 10th 2019

              We have over flow RV and Camper available if needed, but must be self contained. There will be plenty of room for everyone!!

              Our meeting with Wakefield area went great as always, all papers are signed!!! It is 100% official that we are racing in Wakefield for APBA nationals in July 2019!!!

              We have our first fall B.S.O.A meeting this weekend, soon after that will announce our plans and activities for the week!!!
              One great thing is the area is really looking forward to us coming, They wish they could host Nationals there every 2 or 3 years!! You will see the city and surrounding area a lot more involved in our nightly actives this time.. should be best Wakefield yet!!!

              For questions fill out our question sheet on our website


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              • GrandpaRacer
                GrandpaRacer commented
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                Do you have phone numbers for the city camp ground reservations?

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              one day closer to spring this is good to see. sad that majority of the mod commissioner's voted to split from the stocker's. [ never did understand why this vote wasn't a driver's choice where more than just a few got to voice there opinion's.] since there is more crossover racing done between the stock's and modster's than the couple that do the pro 's. maybe another round of discussion at the national meeting on this subject is in order.


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                I'll help Referee all week, if you can put up with me!


                • Big Don
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                  John appreciate the offer. We have our race committee pretty much set, but if we can use you to fill in while they are racing and stuff... I will certainly use you. Thanks again for the offer.
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                • csh-2z
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                  I'll be there and serve in any way necessary, almost.

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                I just found out that the city is not taking camping reservations until FEB 2019..
                sorry about any confusion.

                Things are going well! Looking to be another great Wakefield Nationals in July of 2019

                Get your 15 H-R and 20H tuned up and ready for Wakefield!!! I will be Posting rules for 20H events and Jimmy 15 H-R runabout race in next couple of weeks.

                If you ran the 20H events before at Wakefield it be same rule as last time we ran up there. 20H engine must be ran as 1988 stock specs.

                Jimmy 15 H-R event engine must run as stock specs

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                • GrandpaRacer
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                  Do you have a phone number for RV camping?
                  John Adams

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                some of possible events...on the table...

                pizza party
                pool tournament / street dance and live band
                70's party
                on your own to go out night and go and do what ever
                VFW night with dinner
                Wakefield area chamber party in the pits night

                Got some fun possible events getting planned so... see you all there...will post which ones make the cut at later you all can few open nights, so only a few things we can do!!!

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                  Looking forward to it!


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                    Hope to be up there this weekend turning a couple of testing laps on Sunday Lake.