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Waterford Boat Race Location

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  • Waterford Boat Race Location

    What is the name of the lake and or park where the Waterford, Ontario race was held this weekend. I raced there one time a few years back but having trouble finding lt.

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    Waterford North Conservation Area, Pickerel Lake. Its located 10 mins north of Simcoe, Ontario on the 8th concession off of Hwy 24. Some pics are posted on the TORC facebook site from this past weekend. Itís a unique course being a tri-oval. This year was the 20th year for this race. Weather was decent, it would be hard for this race to get blown out. Lots of good things going for it.


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      Now Iíve got it. Thanks. My google shows two Hwy 24 and I was focused on the Eastern one.


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        I have heard alot of good things about the Canadian Races. We are coming up for the Erinsville Race to run CSH and CSR. We wanted to run all of them but the other ones conflict with region 3 and 6 races.