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THANK YOU HOWIE NICHOLS..........................

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  • THANK YOU HOWIE NICHOLS..........................

    Thanks to President Nichols for putting together the 2018 Winter Nationals last week in Jesup, GA.....................with well over 200 entries on the first day of racing and racers from Oklahoma, Michigan, Indiana, New England, Wisconsin etc etc this was a major effort! Howie and his dad Pete put on a top shelf event!

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    Congratulations to both the entire race committee and all of the participants.

    Dean F. Hobart


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      Loved it as a spectator.


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        I couldn't agree more...THANKS HOWIE!!

        I wish I could have gotten pics of Howie driving the tractor or carrying cinder blocks to the shore. I thought both of those clearly demonstrated Howie's character...he'll jump in and help out in any and all ways. Great to see!

        Thanks also to the rest of the crew: Monica, Pete, Charlie, John, and others who kept the races moving along with all the challenges the drivers threw at them.

        Super fun race and weekend!

        - Mike


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          Great job Howie and staff. Jack


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            I'll 2nd those comments. Great facility and great race. If you live east of the Mississippi you should never miss it.


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              Thank you everyone. It was a team effort by all. John Runne as the Referee, Monica Allen as the Scorer, Charlie Gonyea as the Asst Referee, Bud Gann as the Risk Manager, Jeff Williams & RC Hawie as the Inspectors, Pete & Becky Nichols for all the support and help, Charlie Blackwood for doing anything and everything, The Nuccio;s, and everyone that pitched in to help at the end of the weekend with cleanup, all the drivers who did there time and then some in the patrol boats and on the judges stand, and everyone who came. It takes all of us to make a successful event and each of you are appreciated even if I get short with you at times. Thank you and see you all next year!

              Results for both days attached: Jesup 2018 Stock Results.pdf Jesup 2018 MOD Results.pdf Jesup 2018 J and PRO Results.pdf
              444-B now 4-F
              Avatar photo credit - F. Pierce Williams


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                We had the following # of boats hit the water over the 3 days

                104 Stock Entries
                117 MOD Entries
                50 J/AX Entries
                9 PRO Entries (2 classes canceled due to family emergency)

                Total = 280 Boats that made the starting line
                444-B now 4-F
                Avatar photo credit - F. Pierce Williams


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                  First time visit for us and we will go back! Great water and location, enjoyed the Shriners dinner and concessions, and getting sunshine and water time does wonders for northern moods this time of year! Many thanks to Howie and his team for a great break this spring!


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                    I too would like to give a huge thank you out to Howie as well as to the entire staff of this race. You folks made the trip a very enjoyable one for us.

                    Big thank yous out to the Hebert Racing Team as well as the Baze Racing Team (traveling all the way down from Illinois to help pit for us) for all of the help during this event. Special shout outs to Gary Miller and also the VanOver/Johnson team for helping to make sure we were 100% legal in all regards come race time. (And for allowing me to borrow a helmet for the weekend.. haha.) Also have to thank Team Innovative Automotive. Joe John and Matt gave me a 500ccMH ride for the weekend. I really enjoyed it. Very much appreciated, dudes.
                    John Mathews @ Mathews Racing L-390

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                      PHENOMINAL job, everyone!! I love racing here. Howie and everyone put on a flawless event. this one, like Lock Haven, is circled on my calender every year.