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Lakeland, FL?

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  • Lakeland, FL?

    Is the race in Lakeland something new for stock outboard? Is the intention to start having stock outboard at this race every year?
    Dane Lance

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    We went in 2015. Inboard,, OPC and Stock Outboard. Neat race.


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      It's a fun race Dane...and it's warmer than up here! Hope you can make it.
      - Mike


      • Ram4x4
        Ram4x4 commented
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        I wish I could, but not this year. Lakeland is close to "home". I grew up in Daytona Beach and mom still lives there. Maybe next year I can combine a visit with mom and a racing trip all in one.

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      Lakeland has had Stocks for a long time. They only put a few classes on the schedule due to the long program of the Inboards.
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        My father won BSH at the 1957 Orange Cup with more than 75 BSH's, There was a time that if you won the Orange Cup it may have been more important than the Nationals.It was the biggest race of the year , everyone wanted to get to Florida for the grapefruit circuit.It could be bigger than it is but the inboards now rule the day. With that said it is still an awesome race, even if you just get to watch the inboards run and have a few martinis.See you there!


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          Back in the day when the Pro's ran there the speeds on the 1 2/3 course were unreal.


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            That was the GOOD OLD DAYS when PRO & STOCK ran ONLYYYYYYYYYYYY.


            • Al Lang
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              Back in the days of the PROS, I was told you squeezed the throttle, set the steering wheel for a wide turn and hope you do not take off like an airplane. I was told that some probably set altitude records. I never got to run there.