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2016 NBRA Short Course Nationals in Pineville, Louisiana July 9th-10th Results

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  • 2016 NBRA Short Course Nationals in Pineville, Louisiana July 9th-10th Results

    After each driver's name you will see the positions in each heat that led to their overall placing followed by their total points combined from each heat. These were taken directly from the score sheets and double checked to insure that no mistakes or small mathematical errors were overlooked. These results are still TENTATIVE until taken into the national office. Thanks to everyone who made it down this past weekend!

    Saturday, July 9th, 2016

    A Hydro:
    1st - Rick Miller (2nd/1st/2nd) 1500pts. *Champion*
    2nd - Tylane Hebert (1st/4th/1st) 1453.5pts.
    3rd - Matthew Allen (8th/2nd/3rd) 867pts.
    4th - Bailey Owen (3rd/3rd/DQ) 675pts.
    5th - Rhett Hebert (5th/6th/4th) 586.5pts. (Faster On Time)
    6th - Nathan Fritz (4th/5th/6th) 586.5pts. (Slower On Time)
    7th - Ryan Crews (6th/8th/7th) 328.5pts.
    8th - Jeff Thompson (7th/7th/DQ) 213pts.
    9th - Courtney Sanders (DQ/DNS/5th) 190.5pts.
    10th - Jeff Carter (9th/9th/DQ) 120pts.
    N/A - Tara Cook (DQ/DNS/DNS) 0pts.
    N/A - Jason Ivie (DQ/DNS/DNS) 0pts.

    E Runabout:
    1st - Jason Sumrall (1st/2nd/1st) 1650pts.
    2nd - Mike Kirkendoll (2nd/4th/2nd) 1153.5pts.
    3rd - Jeff Ruth (3rd/3rd/3rd) 1012.5pts.
    4th - Kevin McAfee (DNS/1st/DNF) 600pts.
    5th - Marty Thayer Jr. (4th/DQ/DNF) 253.5pts.

    C Runabout:
    1st - Kelly Kidwell (2nd/1st/1st) 1650pts.
    2nd - Ralph Cook (1st/2nd/2nd) 1500pts.
    3rd - Trent Baugh (3rd/4th/4th) 844.5pts.
    4th - Justin Ivie (DQ/3rd/3rd) 675pts.
    N/A - John Mathews (DNF/DNS/DNS) 0pts.

    Super E Hydro:
    1st - Jeff Ruth (3rd/2nd/3rd) 1125pts.
    2nd - Lyle Mason (DQ/1st/2nd) 1050pts.
    3rd - Richard Baze (2nd/3rd/4th)1041pts.
    4th - Talon Anderson (4th/5th/5th) 634.5pts.
    5th - Randy Mathews (DQ/4th/6th) 396pts.
    6th - David Baze (5th/6th/DNF) 333pts.
    N/A - Tony Anderson (1st/DQ/1st) 0pts. (Failed Inspection)

    C Stock Hydro: (Two Elimination Heats Needed)
    1st - Rick Miller (2nd/1st/1st) 1650pts.
    2nd - Courtney Sanders (1st/2nd/5th) 1240.5pts.
    3rd - John Mathews (4th/4th/3rd) 844.5pts.
    4th - Dan Parker (6th/3rd/4th) 733.5pts.
    5th - Nathan Fritz (3rd/5th/DQ) 528pts.
    6th - Matthew Allen (DQ/DQ/2nd) 450pts.
    7th - Jason Ivie (7th/7th/6th) 355.5pts.
    8th - Dennis Crews (5th/6th/DNS) 333pts.
    9th - Matthew Dade (8th/8th/7th) 265.5pts.
    N/A - Chris Mizener (DNS/DNS/DNS) 0pts.
    N/A - Jeff Thompson (DQ/DNS/DNS) 0pts.
    N/A - Justin Ivie (DNS/DNS/DNS) 0pts.

    D Hydro:
    1st - Kevin McAfee (1st/1st/1st) 1800pts.
    2nd - Tony Anderson (2nd/3rd/2nd) 1237.5pts.
    3rd - Jeromy Sumrall (5th/5th/3rd) 718.5pts.
    4th - Justin Ivie (3rd/DNS/5th) 528pts.
    5th - Steve Johnson (4th/4th/DQ) 507pts.
    6th - John Mathews (DNS/2nd/DQ) 450pts.
    7th - David Baze (6th/6th/6th) 427.5pts.
    8th - Jeff Ruth (DNS/8th/4th) 333pts.
    9th - Mike Kirkendoll (8th/9th/7th) 246pts.
    10th - Richard Baze (7th/7th/DNS) 213pts.

    B Hydro: (Did Not Qualify For Championship/Regular Points Awarded)
    1st - John Mathews (1st/1st/1st) 1200pts.
    2nd - Rick Miller (2nd/2nd/2nd) 900pts.
    3rd - Jeff Carter (3rd/4th/4th) 563pts.
    4th - Tara Cook (DNS/3rd/3rd) 450pts.

    Sunday, July 10th, 2016 (Voted For Two Heat Racing)

    C Modified Hydro:
    1st - Matthew Allen (1st/3rd) 937.5pts.
    *Champion* (Faster On Time)
    2nd - Rick Miller (3rd/1st) 937.5pts. (Slower On Time)
    3rd - Chris Mizener (4th/2nd) 703.5pts.
    4th - Justin Ivie (2nd/DNS) 450pts.
    5th - Courtney Sanders (5th/DQ) 190.5pts.
    6th - Nathan Fritz (6th/DNF) 142.5pts.
    7th - Matthew Dade (7th/DNS) 106.5pts.

    Super E Runabout:
    1st - Alan Owen (1st/2nd) 1050pts.
    2nd - Talon Anderson (2nd/3rd) 787.5pts.
    3rd - Ralph Cook (DNF/1st) 600pts.
    4th - Jeff Ruth (3rd/5th) 528pts.
    5th - Mike Kirkendoll (4th/4th) 507pts.

    E Hydro:
    1st - Dave Mason (1st/1st) 1200pts.
    2nd - Marty Thayer Jr. (2nd/2nd) 900pts.
    3rd - Mike Kirkendoll (5th/3rd) 528pts.
    4th - Dennis Burke (7th/4th) 360pts.
    5th - Matthew Allen (3rd/DNS) 337.5pts.
    6th - Richard Baze (4th/DQ) 253.5pts.
    7th - Steve Johnson (6th/DNS) 142.5pts.
    N/A - Kevin McAfee (DNF/DNS) 0pts.
    N/A - Jason Sumrall (DNF/DNS) 0pts.

    D Runabout:
    1st - Alan Owen (3rd/1st) 937.5pts.
    *Champion* (Faster On Time)
    2nd - Kelly Kidwell (1st/3rd) 937.5pts. (Slower On Time)
    3rd - Kevin McAfee (4th/2nd) 703.5pts.
    4th - Ralph Cook (2nd/DNS) 450pts.
    5th - Mike Kirkendoll (5th/DQ) 190.5pts.
    N/A - Jeromy Sumrall (DNS/DNS) 0pts.

    Novice: (One Heat Raced)
    1st - Mackenzie Baze (1st) 600pts.
    2nd - Logan Hebert (2nd) 450pts.
    John Mathews @ Mathews Racing L-390

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/johnmathews390
    Instagram: http://instagram.com/johnmathews_390
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/johnmathews_390
    Email: JohnMathewsL390@aol.com
    Cell#: 318-794-4515

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