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Whidbey Island Roostertails LAKE PLEASANT

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  • Whidbey Island Roostertails LAKE PLEASANT

    The Whidbey Island Roostertails' Lake Pleasant Race in Beaver, WA (outside of Forks) is still on for this weekend, August 16th & 17th. WE NEED RACERS! This is an awesome race site on private property with free camping on site. I am sure most of you are sore and broke after Nationals, but if we could get some more people out there that would be greatly appreciated. For sure some more C-Hydros. It is short notice, but those who still feel like racing, come on out!

    On another note, WIR needs more racers in general. WIR is an old club that myself & many others don't want to see go away. All we want to do is go racing, but we need more people to do so. I'm sure all of you know.

    The next WIR race after Pleasant will be a joint race with SLORA at Waitts Lake (Sept. 12th-14th) . After that for WIR's next race will be Lake Pearrygin in Winthrop,WA (Oct. 3rd-5th)

    Travis Kauth

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    Travis I wish you the best luck on getting new racers...
    Mike - One of the Montana Boys

    If it aint fast make it look good


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      This should be a neat place to race. I tested my AOH on Lk.Pleasant in 1968 or '69; early A Konig, slightly ported, on a 10' 2" Marchetti. Saw 75 on the Keller speedo, which I thought was really moving. The engine must've thought so too; broken crank at the next race.


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        Well, I dug out my best CSH, my best Yamato motor, and I think I still have a prop or two.
        See you on SUNDAY.
        Linda says she is not driving but I am still bringing her and her Kevlar.