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Cocktail Class Racing

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  • Cocktail Class Racing

    To All,

    Check this out.... Cocktail Class Racing.....

    Cocktail Class Wooden Boat Racing Association. http://www.ccwbra.com/

    Kit available from Chesapeak Light Craft.


    Or, plans available from the Association.
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    Dean F. Hobart

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    cocktail racing

    I have seen these boats run.(Or at least one of them) They are cute, but with small motors are not very fast. Interesting concept though.


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      The Cocktail Class came to Washington, North Carolina, April 26. We have our annual Marine Market on the waterfront and the Carolina chapter of the AOMCI (Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc.) holds a meet there. Its right on the Pamlico, downtown Washington. Food, music, a marine flea market, resturants and shopping 100 feet away. Its a nice time.

      The Cocktail Class secretary, her family and some racers brought their boats to display, and give test rides. Next year we hope to have the No wake zone lifted for the event and have an official race. One of the guys that worked in my shop completed his boat in a month and I plan to have at least 3 by next year. With a youth, womens, under 200 lb drivers, over 200 lb drivers, 6 hp classic, 6 hp 2nd generation and an 8 hp class, no attendee is left on shore. You can race in multiple classes with one boat.

      If it sounds like fun and looks like fun, it must be Fun!

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        Any and all forms of Boat Racing is a Good Thing.... It looks like this organization has done it right, as it looks like they have grown. There are several racers and boats here in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. I hope to be able see one of their events this summer. Congratulations to the Cocktail Class Organization. I'm sure the idea is to keep it fun and inexpensive. Good Luck in the future.

        Dean F. Hobart