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MHRA Smoke on the Water June 4th & 5th

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  • MHRA Smoke on the Water June 4th & 5th

    MHRA 7 days to the green flag, your boats should be in the water.

    MHRA is about to kick off their 2011 Top Gun Stock Outboard Racing Series powered by Wendy’s. The season opener is the Smoke on the Water Regatta on June 4th and 5th in Augusta Michigan on Eagle Lake inside the beautiful Fort Custer State Recreation Area.

    One of our event sponsors, the Lickity Split Ice Cream and Sandwich shop will be hosting a breakfast buffet in the concession area on Satuday morning from 8:30-10:30a.

    Club members are also working to steam live race video that will be available on USTREAM.TV

    We are really excite about this year of racing in the state of michigan and thankfull to all our Club Members, Sponsors and Fellow Racers for making this season possilble.

    If your planning on coming; we look forward to seeing you there.
    If your thinking of coming; we hope to see you there.
    If you can’t make it we hope your circumstances change and we see you there.

    Team 111M will be there and we may be introducing a new boat to our program.

    Who's all comming?
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    MHRA/Top Gun Racing Series powered by Wendy's - Roll Call

    Sanction available at
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    Elek Hutchinson


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      Food at Augusta

      Lickity Split will once again cater dinner at the hill top shelter on Sat. night after the races. They're changing things up a little bit on the menu: BBQ pork (grilled & sliced), Chicken Wings (BBQ, Teriyaki, & Buffalo), Cole slaw, potato salad, mac-n-cheese, fruit, desert & tea/lemonade. Adults $11.50, Kids $8.50 (hot dogs for picky kids). Bring your appetite & plan to support, the food is great!

      Lickity Split will have a Breakfast buffet set up in their concession area at the top of the hill on Satuday morning from 8:30-10:30a. They will have bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, biscuits w/ jam, biscuits and gravy, hash browns, pancakes, fresh fruit, juice and coffee. Adults: $6.50, Kids: $4.50. Eat well and look at it this way...you'll have to put less lead in your boat that day!
      Elek Hutchinson


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        Sounds like we won't go hungry . Looking forward to seeing everyone.



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          I sure hope the boys from Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinios, and Indiana show there support. This is a super nice race site and just might be were we hold the next Midwest divisionals. Plenty of super pit space, camping right in the park we race in, Lots of fun up town after races and the best food on site you can get. I know the marathoners are ready to dust off the rigs and get some miles logged. Be there or be square. Mikey
          mike ross


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            Hardly a lost post. For heavens sakes it is in Latest News on the front page and in one of the most recently used threads https://hydroracer.net/modules/News/s...threadid=21504

            Welcome to hydroracer, we hope you enjoy your visit.


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              Be there or be square

              One of the best race sites in the country people. This race will never be blown out due to being down in a bowl. I have been there when there are 30mph winds and the lake has a slit ripple. Great weather forcasted also.
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              Tom L.


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                Be there or be square Well said Mikey!!! See ya this weekend..
                Roger A 68M
                Team Casual


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                  what classes are you running ??? opps never mind i just looked at the apba flyer all stock classes

                  guess i need to get a stock engine one of these days

                  gl hf

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                  "the race is never quite over , the course is never quite ours"

                  how many years must a man pay for mistakes he did not make?

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                    I will only be there if Elek DOES NOT break something. It wears me out watching him fix his equipment there every year.
                    Support your local club and local races.

                    Bill Pavlick

                    I'm just glad I'm not Michael Mackey - BPIII


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                      I think you may curse me! Each time you go to Augusta, I end up taking a bath!

                      Hopefully we'll reverse the trend this year, looking forward to seeing you there.

                      Elek Hutchinson


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                        Sorry, can't leave town this weekend.

                        Will be up for the Great Lakes Challenge at Constantine in 2 weeks.

                        Have a good event.



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                          What a beautiful day to set up a race site. All is good. Looking forward to some good competition for the next two days. Don’t for get to look us up on ustream.com as MHRA member Mike Deck is going to try and stream the action live for all racers to enjoy.

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                            Droped the trailer off at the pits about 7:30 tonight (we only live 4 miles from the race site) pits filling up nicley with more trailers coming in as we left for home. Many Friday night arrivals going tonight to the "The Barking Frog" for food and drinks.

                            Weather forcast for Saturady shows chance of showers.

                            Partly sunny with a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the mid 80s. Southwest winds around 10 mph becoming west.

                            Saturday Night
                            Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 60s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph until midnight becoming light.

                            Mostly sunny. Highs in the upper 70s. Light and variable winds becoming north 5 to 10 mph in the afternoon.

                            Nice to see all our racing family after a long and snowy winter.

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                            Tom L.


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                              Nice overhead shot Tom. It really is a nice race site. Maybe Dan will give us an overfly picture this weekend like he did at Constantine last year.

                              We stopped in at the Barking Frog for dinner also. I am not sure what was better the food or the service. One thing I am sure of is that we will be repeat customers. For the size of party we had and all the sustenance we consumed, I was extremely pleased at the total of the bill. The Barking Frog seams to be one of those small town jewels.

                              Have you or your team set up a social network page yet? Do your part to expose and promote the sport when you’re not racing and create a presence online today.