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Thank you Alan

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  • Thank you Alan

    Thank you Alan for saving this site. Although I don't remember offhand, I am sure we probably battled each other somewhere in A or B. I was out of Mass running 15-B,1111-B, 1US, 111-B and then 7-B from 60 to about 72. To everyone else: we need to include this forum in our current usage. The facebook forums that the two John's have are a great way to keep up, but this forum is like a dictionary. You can more easily find something that was posted over the years. Let's try to include this forum with the information and facts that you would like to see live on into the future. Alan saved the forum, now let's show that we are thankful by posting facts, updates, memories and events here. Bill Rosado

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    It's fantastic that the site is still here.

    You're dead on. People won't click if there isn't new content.
    I'll get back to updating my threads soon.


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      It's great that this website will live on. Hopefully, people will start to post race results as well as upcoming events to keep it more relevant. I will attempt to add results when possible, while I am at a race.