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    Originally posted by sam View Post
    So that will cause Tohatsu's to become the dominant motor in D and the 44 will be abandoned in stock and current owners will sell their 44XS motors cheap?

    You could be right

    nope, not with the current restrictions. Different topic anyways, back to the "die hard" Cal-Ore River racers !!!!!! Hard to believe these HEAVY river racers are so dang fast......just as fast as the APBA Dmods, which are a LOT LIGHTER!!!!! One thing for sure...............Larry Darneille builds one TOUGH boat!!!! Guess I can make Boatnik this year!


    Team Darneille



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      Well, i guess by now it's obvious that what I don't know about D stock could fill a book.
      Larry Darneille has been tryin' to educate me a little. And yeah, he does design and build
      very nice boats.https://sites.google.com/site/corra4...t-parts-market.
      Those Tohatsu motors sure are pretty. Probably pricey too. It is challenging though, to see just how much performance you can get from a 'classic' 44. Most of the members of Cal-Ore build their own motors and are usually willing to share what they have learned. Even the XS motor would be a budget-buster for most of our teams. So, by necessity we've all become experts with the EZ.....out. Like I told my friend Jebb. 'Old Mercs are like women, they're not rare, it's just hard to find one with good compression.


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        Look here: http://www.hydroracer.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=78


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          Thanks Sam. Yeah, Alan's Frankenstein 44 is an awesome example of American ingenuity
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            I think you are a little crazy but why don't you fill folks in on the rules and the size of boats and what motors are used and what modifications can be made.
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              Fisheries Dept predicting very high flows for the June Hoopa event. There will be lots of rollers and debris. Class III and IV sections are anticipated. Should be fun- if we can find a stretch of beach to start from.

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                anymore reports on water release , looking on this end like the pipe is stilh wide open an holding . fishing is heard to be HOT???? on the Klamath an Trinidy, Get ready to fire off the old boat see if it will fly rite this time


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                  Would you let a redneck with a 3 holer on a runabout come out n play?