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  • Welcome

    A BIG hydroracer welcome to Larry Darnielle and the rest of you river racers!

    Welcome to hydroracer, we hope you enjoy your visit.

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    Good guys

    I have a good friend named Sonny who river races out there, He is a great guy. They set the boats up a little different, and I am pretty sure the boats are a little bigger than we run on an oval coarse but they can turn them in both ways (left and right).
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      dif. boats

      We do run a center fin. the boat length is a little longer than some D class I've seen, and in some cases the boat is a little wider and a little deeper, in areas of lift points, other differences I have seen fuel tank? most of our racers run around 91/2 to 12 gallons of fuel{ pump fuel only}.Also two blade props only,witch range from 13 to 15 pitch in most cases measure from 63/4 to 71/2 from end to end , In stainless steel. Our motors are pretty much a old fishing block, minus the crawls any other weight you can discard. put the fuller block in add tower, quickie ,Konig,Bass ,konny 1-1 or a inderdrive ,alot of work@time has been tested an proven to what will work