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Drilling of the tower in the 300SSH class engines

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  • Drilling of the tower in the 300SSH class engines

    In a vote ending last evening, the SORC has voted 8 to 6 to not allow the drilling/chamfering of the water intake on the 300SSH class motors for the 2017 racing season.
    Email: stockoutboard@apba.org

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    As many of you know, i was one of the proponents for allowing the drilling of the 300SSH motors so that new racers can use the same motor for other classes with the minimal investment of just a gearfoot and props. I spoke to Jeff and a few others at length, but agree with the SORC decision based on 2 facts

    #1 We have a rule freeze in place for the class, that ends Nov 1. It will be easier to allow drilling with data collected for this class.

    #2 We have no issue of overheating at the depth and prop for this class.

    I will take the opportunity to use the 2017 season to provide test data in the form of raw Mychron readings for running the 321 motor at the 3/4 height in 20ssh without drilling for both race and testing conditions for further consideration. I challenge all others to do so as well.

    For those with a Mychron 5 with wifi, I have purchased equipment to boost the signal so in theory we should be able to get live data coming to a laptop at the pits from the course for temp, speed, and RPM in realtime, instead of looking at the data after the face. At any MHRA race and a few other races, come find the "I forgot this" pits (Weinczak and Deck Racing) to see data when we are not involved with running the race or volunteering to be on the patrol boats.

    Once the ice melts, we should see if the streaming of data works as in theory and on paper it should.

    This is the equipment we are testing. The extender is powered by a USB charging brick.


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      While it's true that dancing is a large part of my life and I have missed races for dance competitions and even to be onstage in front of the 100's of dance moms for a duet, I'll still chop your non twinkle toes in turn 1 any day brother!

    • 90M
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      Your statement #2 is incorrect. We have the overheating problem in 300 and also according to TJ another person
      has the same issue out east.
      Larry Klein

    • Big Don
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      Larry, I brought that fact up.

      I was told your engine was a converted 302 to run the 300 class.
      I was also told the Adam's engine was a converted 302 to run the 300 class.

      How that relates is beyond me other than maybe it has something to do with the engines being converted or the 2 boats being slightly different than the rest? Not sure.

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    My 321 runs at 325 degrees in 300ssh, I use a Digatron. Personally I agree that there is not an overheating issue in the class.

    Joe Johnson


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      It is easy to say there is no overheating in a particular class but not all boats or for that matter not
      all motors are the same. In runabouts generally there are no overheating issues but I have one
      boat that will overheat with a 302 at 3/4" and one 302 that will run hot on either boat at 3/4".
      There are a lot of variables in transom angle and bottom design that affect the way that water
      height changes as the hull moves over it. I applaud the work that has been done to alleviate
      the issue for the Yamatos and hope we can move forward with this problem ( except for 300ssh)
      and just race.