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when is howie in the hills??

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  • when is howie in the hills??

    will there be any other form-e/super-e's there to race with??

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    Talk to your FRIENDS and get them to this race. Greater than usual race site. Marshall Eldredge goes to a lot of work on this race. Dates are May 1-2. Fees are very reasonable at $15 for first class and $10 thereafter. AOF fees can be bought for $35 a crack and add to this at anytime for a full $75 membership for the year. Race time is noon, registration atfrom 8- 10:30. There is mowed gras to waters edge in pits. This race is sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Dept of Howie in the Hills. AOF has a very good step up chart that helps out if there is not enough boats for a class. You even get points. AOF has also tried to break down the barriers fo stock/mod/pro and just made one organization racing stockmodpro all combined. See you there. I will add the step up chart in next post.


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      AOF's Step up chart for Points

      Note: SS is mod in AOF There are some other title differences, but the engines, weights, etc are generally the same as other APBA classes

      O to A
      A SS to B SS, B1
      B1 to C
      80M to B1
      B1 to 80M
      C to D SS
      C, D, D SS to E
      C SS, D, D SS, E to SE
      125 to B SS, B1, 80M
      SE, 250, 350, to 500
      SS = Super Stock
      O to A
      A to B, B1, 80s
      B to B1
      B to C
      B1 to C
      B1 to 102s
      80s to A
      80M to B1, C
      25XS to 102s, B1, 80M
      C to D SS
      C, D SS to E
      D to D SS, E, SE
      125 to C
      SE to 250
      250, 350 to 1100