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    Passed on from Tony Staron, AOF President:
    AOF Racing Commission members received a letter sent out from the AOF national office. Note that this was not an official letter. Lela Rosado recieved the letter and sent it out thinking it was offical since it said that it was from the Executive Board.
    I have checked with the Executive Board and all deny having any knowledge of the letter before they recieved it and the author is questionable. Ignore the letter.
    Many of my emails have also been questioned lately. Note that I changed my email from TonyStaronAOF to PresidentofAOF@aol.com. I believe that some questioned my emails because I don't normally take the time to sit and write emails. (No surprise to those who know me, as I would rather be out testing than starting a computer). I have been making it a point to check my emails daily. I have also acquired a new girlfriend who is a fast typist, so I am able to answer more of my emails with her help. I will say that the AOF officers have also been giving a lot more time as we are trying hard to get our organiztion back on track. I would also like to thank so many of our Directors like Rod Black and the members on the West Coast for all of the extra time they have given in help to our office. I want to also mention Steve Roskowski who has been giving me sound advice as well as a great leader on the Racing Commission. A big thank you to Jay Roesner who is doing a complete audit of AOF and is again giving his time to our sport.
    Paul Hooten, thanks to you also for all of your hard work. Your new club is welcome in AOF and we appreciate all of the work it takes to get things going.
    The national office has also just changed addresses. It is
    PO Box 1557 Lake Placid, FL 33852. My phone number is the saem, at 561-644-1200. Contrary to what some are saying, I have had the same job for 19 years, have had the same mailing address for over ten years, and my phone was not disconnected. I have been in contact with at least one of the officers almost daily since the national meeting. I am not lost!!!!
    AOF will soon publish our race schedule for the year and are very excited with our races.
    If you have any questions, please contact me.
    Tony Staron
    AOF President