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  • AOF Race Update

    Want to report a few things. Last week end AOF had a great race at Lake Placid on Lake Apthorpe. Best water ever. No accidents. Fun time. Hope to see you at the next one which will be the AOF winter nationals on March 8-9. All AOF classes that show.
    Also, if you are coming to test at our lake, you must be an AOF member. Remember, we need the AOF insurance for any raceboat activity on the lake. We need to pay for it. If you have questions on that, let me know. A few bucks here and there to help pay the bills will be appreciated. AOF carries 2 million spectator liability only. Because we have kept the same insurance for over 40 years, have remained non profit, have had no major spectator injuries, and the fact that we keep our prices down by asking that you carry your own medical, not depending on us, we can continue to offer these great rates and continue our racing.
    Also, Moss Point, Mississippi is on for the last week end in April. We have a great sponsor who has been able to pay us super tow money. Bobby Laws will be the referee for that race. Lots to see and do there.
    Carl B Staron
    AOF, on our 44 th year of grass roots racing

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    Hello Carl


    I just talked with Jery McCoy, and he told me about the "Cocktail Racer" class. I had previously looked into this class.... looks like it is growing. I think there are several people doing it here in the Pacific Northwest. Looks to be fun. I know that Chesapeake Light Craft.... clcboats.com. makes a "Stich and Glue" kit for these boats... or you can just buy plans.

    Tell us about it and how it's going in Florida....... Cool.

    Anything boat racing is a good thing!!!

    Best Regards,

    Dean Hobart... Racing Boats Since 1962.

    Dean F. Hobart


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      Dean, I will get some information to send to you or email to you. Yes, we have included the cocktail classes into AOF. I think we have about everything racing with us now. Of course, not necessarily at the same races, just what you sanction.
      I am very proud of the AOF board of directors. AOF has gone back to the original rules drawn up Rick Morris, Dudley Malone, etc. Almost like NASCAR we are ruled by the BOD. We found out that somewhere along the lines we were not following our incorporation ideals and with work from Rick we reverted t what was legal. Fortunately we still stay non profit, a type that is reserved only for churches, schools, etc. We are grandfathered thank goodness. We must report each year what we are doing that would be considered a charity type work to keep our incorporation and keep our insurance costs down.
      We use the philosophy that we are keeping the sport alive by actively searching out the many many types of racing out there that are not sanctioned through APBA, NBRA, etc. We can help them obtain the needed insurance for reasonable prices without getting involved with their politics. It is working very well. We will be ncluding the Cocktail class at our winter nationals next month as well as all basic AOF classes. Maybe even the mini most.
      In Moss Point, MS we will also include them.. We usually have several stock and mod classes too. Glen Hopkins brings some river racers and drags. Now that is a site. We have had some really interesting types there. All will pass AOF safety standards and use our required safety gear. So much fun for us and spectators alike. Lots of new friendships made.
      We also thin we were instrumental in bringing back the nostalgic flatbottoms to racing in sanctioned events. To my knowledge that class has gone on from small AOF to som APBA sanctioning.
      We love what we do, even though we do it quietly and not usually on Hydroracer. Just don't like the criticism of our good work.


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        Where is the race March 8-9?
        :: Dave Hoffmann, Jr.


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          Race is in Lake Placid, FL at Lake Apthorpe. (Many know it as Cemetery Lake. Rooms reserved at Ramada Inn, Lake Placid for $59 just say "cocktail boats" for the code word for the low price. If you need more info, call me or let me know here. Carl


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            Great Work

            Originally posted by Staron View Post
            Just don't like the criticism of our good work.

            Great work. Not criticism here.... Any boat racing anywhere, anytime, in any venue is a good thing.


            Dean Hobart...............................

            Dean F. Hobart


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              Carl, I have been approached by a group that is looking for a non-profit (boat racing) group to sanction a "shoot out" (similar to lake of the Ozarks 1 mile runs) at Grand Lake in Oklahoma in June, for some fast, and really fast (200 mph) offshore pleasure boats (like 50' Mystic cats with X2 turbine power) They need some kind of a a sanction. Could put some serious $$ in AOF. I will give him/them your info "if" you would like to "branch out". I am not officially involved in this, I just told them I would ask. Thanks, Bryan Tharp


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                Bryan, give them my number. We cover many large boats now in AOF. We do a lot of the drags boats, some that run at Lucas Oil facility. Also some offshore type that run already in your neck of the woods plus Ozarks and some off florida. We are not in this to make money, our non profit means we don't make money or give back to clubs. so cost should be around 300 for week end plus they would need to join AOF for around $25 a week end. That extra savings should help them with a big draw.
                863 442 0238. We will make them cover their own medical, but we cover the spectator liability to get them on the water. Insurance company worries about if there is drinking while driving, bleachers, etc. I am sure we can work it out.