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Moss Point gets $5000 from BP!

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  • Moss Point gets $5000 from BP!

    Hope you have your bags packed. This week end is Moss Point race. See website and email or call Kristin for your share of the BP money. www.rockintheriverfrount.com
    We were all supposed to be registered so she could have the BP gas cards, but hurry up and give her a call to get your share. This is a beautiful site with lots of sponsorship and region hype. YOU will be the show! YOU will be the celebrity.

    I know that there are differences in sanctioning bodies where some do not want to cross the "LINES". Let's forget the lines. If we want this sport to live or grow, then we need to support the sponsors and sites that want to grow our sport too. Just like Lucas Oil, BP is willing to give a lot to us. BP is just one of the sponsors and all of the sponsors of this show are anxious and willing to put thier faith in us. Show up, Race, Have a good time. This is how we grow our sport and stay alive.
    Carl B Staron
    AOF Executive Director

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    Not sure I made myself clear. BP is paying each boat racer to show up. You will get a gas card to pay for y our gas based on your mileage. Our purse just from BP is $5000. We have other sponsorship money on top of that. Let's go racin boys and girls.


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      Here is a working link

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      "https://twitter.com/HydroRacerTV?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw" class="twitter-follow-button" data-show-count="false">Follow @HydroRacerTV


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        Originally posted by Staron View Post
        Not sure I made myself clear. BP is paying each boat racer to show up. You will get a gas card to pay for y our gas based on your mileage. Our purse just from BP is $5000. We have other sponsorship money on top of that. Let's go racin boys and girls.
        I'm doing what I can to help Carl, I have posted the info on HRTV Facebook, Twitter and the magazine.

        BP gas cards what else can you ask for :-)
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        "https://twitter.com/HydroRacerTV?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw" class="twitter-follow-button" data-show-count="false">Follow @HydroRacerTV


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          Great Job Carl. Working on seeing y'all there to run A,C hydro and even Cmod and 25mod. Ray 6T


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            Thanks Dan. You are still number one.
            Come on guys. You can come. Next year they talking about even more money and a bigger purse and prizes. Only if this one successful. Will need to be AOF, NBRA, and APBA next year. Together or on different days. We need to impress. BP is ready to spend in the South to give back for their little mistake.


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              Where is race at?

              where is race at?


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                The race is in Moss Point, MS. Exit 68 (State Highway 613) off of I-10 go South about 1 1/4 mile towards the town and the race course is on the left somewhat parallel to the highway. Jack
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                  I had hoped to attend this year, but will not be able to. What I do want to know, is this brackish water, or fresh water ? Can someone call, email, phone or PM me please ?

                  I am not against racing under any sanctioning body. I cross over to them all anyway. I like to think of being a boat racer first.
                  Dave Mason
                  Just A Boat Racer


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                    Dave, it is mostly clear clean water.

                    I arrived last night. Oh my. What hospitality!
                    I got my BP gas card for my 600 plus miles right away. They are paying $0.60 cents per mile!!!!

                    Bobby Laws (the famous) is the race director and he is here and got h is gas card for over 800 miles.

                    This place is outstanding. It is just like Pineville (Alexandria, LA) except with money and enthusiasm.

                    We are just gonna have fun. Sorry for those who missed it and sorry for those who refuse to come. These are the sites we need to build from the bottom up, not from the top down.
                    Carl B Staron


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                      On the way tomorrow PM

                      I'll be there with bells on. This is the closest to home as I'll get. I'll be staying at Presleys Outing. Hope Lynn P will rope my 44, I'm a one man band.

                      850MR and??


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                        A very nice lady from Moss Point Mississippi called yesterday
                        to tell me how much tow money I will be receiving, and offering to answer any questions that I might have.

                        They sent a PDF of the Festival layout, showing the race course, Pit and trailer parking, spectator boat parking, a boat building contest, food court, and lots more.

                        The entire town looks to be "Race Central".

                        This promises to be a classy event.

                        Ya gotta love that Southern hospitality.

                        Sunny, a light breeze, in the 80's.

                        We're all packed up and heading for Dixie!


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                          See y'all soon in Moss Point.I am about to leave Dallas with B&H Race Boat (Hemp Hydro) Y102 , DEWALD Props to run A, C and more. They have been great on the phone to help. Soon, Ray 6-T


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                            So far so good. Everyone made it through day one safe. Lots of spectators today! Only one accident. A few close calls. And some really good racing. The course is tight and making it a real drivers challenge. But we are having fun. On to day two!
                            John Mathews @ Mathews Racing L-390

                            Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/johnmathews390
                            Instagram: http://instagram.com/johnmathews_390
                            Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/johnmathews_390
                            Email: JohnMathewsL390@aol.com
                            Cell#: 318-794-4515


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                              Moss Point put on a great weekend for us.

                              THE 'OL MASTERTECH SURVIVED 2 DAYS IN 850MR!

                              Just got back (I live 103 miles East) and we had a GREAT time.

                              My grandson took a lot of Photos. Soon as we edit them we will post some here and on other sites.