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  • Website for Rockin the Riverfront

    Keep checking this.
    We will add more info as time gets closer.
    Remember this is the AOF Spring Nationals. All classes and boats welcome.
    Glen Hopkins, Bobby Laws, Brian Payn, John Snell, Jack Stotts.
    Show and tow money paid per miles travelled.
    All stock, mod, pro, drag, antique classes welcome.
    Check out AOF section of Hydroracer for more information as it is finalized.

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    Spelling is wrong on link...


    This one works: www.rockintheriverfront.com


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      Thank you Pete. I am new to computers and fingers old. Good thing I got "People" to help me. Guess I am going to have to learn to spell. Carl


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        The Moss Point Race is coming. Jack


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          I just confirmed with Carl Staron that the information on the PDF "Run What you Brung" concerning the Coast Guard approved lifejacket applies only to those participants who will be participating in the "special events" such as drag and other such events. The requirements listed on the PDF do not apply to the racing membership of AOF, NBRA, APBA. The AOF requirements for protective equipment will be as we all are accustomed to. Jack
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            Do you think there will be any SEH's, or EH's or DH's ?
            Dave Mason
            Just A Boat Racer


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              Dave, Would love to see you and your Dad.
              Remember, your Dad is a lifetime.
              Should be several 4 cy. Cook, Summral, Hebert, Mathews, and some others I forgot. Great race site with payback tow and show money.
              I will try to give your Dad a call tonight. Or you can call me:
              863-699-9701 or cell


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                I just returned from Moss Point. Wow. What a race site and what a town ready to greet boat racers. The little town is trying to estabilish a festival we will be their main ---as in MAIN---attraction. They are learning about boat racing and are planning on picking favorites to follow for many years. This will remind you a lot of the lake at Pineville. Maybe a little tighter, but hey, that is racing. Fantastic spectator facilities. Reminds you a lot of DePue. That includes the fans too! A walkway above and we will be down below. Drags will be in separate area. Again, all I can say is WOW. Don't miss this one! You can call me for information at:
                863-699-9701 or cell


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                  AOF Race

                  I have just been on Google earth and was wondering where the pit area is. Found a downtown boat launching ramp but not a lot of place to put in other then that. Where will the parking be for trailers and RV's. Hope someone can post some photos of nwhere things will be. Love to attend if we can fit our rig in.