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2012 Official SO WinterNationals

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    Also, does anyone know about how good the Internet coverage is there via cell phone, so maybe we can do some live streaming of the event?

    Should be great coverage there. It's close to downtown Lakeland and in a very populated area.


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      I have all the SORC live stream equipment being sent down. Patrick Gleason and Kyle Bahl have been helping and are sending me a cheat sheet on how to work it. I have 1 volunteer to help with it so far but will need several more hands...
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        Sanction is now out...

        444-B now 4-F
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          Streaming in real time is good: I will be watching.

          I would like to help preserve this event while also producing a resource for the Race Committee to use next year when trying to secure support and sponsorship. Grab your video cameras and let’s help to hype this event up! The idea is a 10 to 15 minutes of promotional entertainment to post on the Stock Outboard TV You-Tube channel. Who know what content collected over the years could do towards future promotional efforts

          Here is a dreamer’s shot list. Any of these shots would be helpful in producing a Winter National Promotional video along with anything else creative you can come up with. .

           All the race action shots you can gather.
           If you see some good side by side racing action capture it as tightly as you can.
           If you could find a way to capture images using the traditional camera and go-pro that could be used in developing synchronized affect like a onboard and following shot.
           Starts with a sight line inline with the start buoys.
           The start clock in the final seconds of countdown.
           Green and white flags flying in the turn judge boats.
           Green white and checkered flags flying at the judge’s station: tight and loose views.
          o From both a shore-side perspective and a water bourne perspective.
           Entrance signs leading to the race site like the name of the race, lake and or town.
           A panning shot of the pits; from above (if possible) and a wide angle possibly from a patrol boat.
           A few random shots of the weigh station and inspection tent activities.
           A shot of the announcer talking from a script welcoming racers to the 2012 SO Winter nationals…..along with some highlights of the race if you can.
           Drivers meeting…roll call.
           Random shots from any evening awards or social event there may be.
           If you can collect some sound bites like announcements for the drivers meeting, green and white flags and such.
           A still shot of the race committee (as a group) with names.
           A still and video shot of the hosting clubs trailer/logo.
           Still shots or images of any and all event sponsors.
           If you can get some members together to do a quick tip on something, anything such as different types of boat carts or steering set up or readying the trailer for cross country trip or…
           How about a time elapsed pit set up shot.
           Can you dream up any cool questions and do some fun interviews such as
          o Why do you Race Stock Outboard?
          o What’s your favorite class?
          o What’s your favorite boat; hydro or runabout and why?

          If in doubt: capture/shoot it.

          Have you or your team set up a social network page yet? Do your part to expose and promote the sport when you’re not racing and create a presence online today.


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            Week end before for testing at Lake Placid

            If anyone is planning on coming in a week early, you will be welcome to test/race at Lake Placid on formerly Cemetery Lake now Lake Apthorpe. Great testing and racing area. Will be having the AOF winter nationals, but not a lot of boats, so test time at max. You will have to follow the Home Association and lake rules, be a member of AOF ($25) for the week end to cover liablity insurance on the lake. Other Lake rules:
            do not go in orange grove. Camping arranged nearby at Carl's house, but not in pits. Open containers of alcohol prohibited, off road vehicles used for launching only, no running of motors before 10 am and noon on Sunday, no running of motors after 5 pm on Sat, 4 on Sunday, testing with signed release and manned pick up boats only. Pet owners resp and follow county and common sense rules. Fishermen given courtesy. Register first! Plenty of trailer parking. Great site. We can throw things together and have a pre-winter-nationals race for your class! ---And own an AOF championship. All classses welcome. Driver schooling, as there are a lot of know it alls at the race. lol Just have fun.
            Not trying to hijack, just trying to help. I will be taking the safety boat to USTS about Tuesday, so will have no one on the lake after the safety/pick up boats are gone. (Not my rules, this goes way above my head. We are just lucky to have this lake for all of our Florida testing. Just need to follow the guidelines to keep it!)
            Carl Staron AOF Executive Director 863-699-9701


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              Originally posted by Howie Nichols View Post
              East Coast DSH

              Mike Lee
              Mad Russian
              Steve Noury
              Scott Clark
              Alan Akerstrom
              Pete Gevinski
              Steve Dunn

              Any of you planning on making the trip to Lakeland??

              How about the Midwest guys

              Tom Smith
              Larry Gottschalk

              I know I missed a few....

              Since it costs just about as much to go to Florida for the Winter Nationals as it does for the West Coast Divisionals, we were throwing out the idea to head your way. We potentially have 3 DSH's that could attend, have you heard any additional interest from the above participants? Thanks, JP


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                I have not heard of any coming. I know of 1 in FL that I can talk to this weekend. I will also check with Jill to see if she has received and pre-registraion's for the DSH class.
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                  Will be in Tampa that weekend, With space in the truck for hardware. If anyone needs stuff hauled back to Lake Orion Michigan shoot me a message before the 28th.
                  Larry Spencer


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                    Legal Fuel

                    What is the story on finding Fuel around the Lakeland/Orlando area?

                    Elek Hutchinson


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                      There is a fuel Station less than a mile from the pits that advertises Ethanol Free fuel. I believe it is Webb's Service Center on S. Florida ave. It is on the intersection of Cleveland Heights and S. Florida (37)

                      Webb's Service Center Info:


                      2820 S Florida Ave, Lakeland, FL 33803-3865 · Get Directions


                      1 863.686.5498
                      14F 2US
                      AXR AXH


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                        Kinda last minute… but I’m trying to get a boat that’s sitting in NJ back to Michigan. Anyone from the East Coast willing to bring it down to FL? Anyone from Michigan going to FL willing to bring it back? Let me know ASAP and I’ll get this coordinated. Willing to throw in some gas cash to help.


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                          GPS address to the pits?? thanks in advance


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                            From the West:
                            I-4 East to Exit 27 SR 570 South (Polk Parkway) to Exit 7 SR37 (S. Florida Ave). Go North on S. Florida Ave, make a Right onto E. Beacon Rd. Bear to the Right onto Lake Hollingsworth Dr to the Yacht Club on left.

                            From the East:
                            I-4 West to Exit 41 SR 570 South (Polk Parkway) to Exit 7 SR37 (S. Florida Ave). Go North on S. Florida Ave, make a Right onto E. Beacon Rd. Bear to the Right onto Lake Hollingsworth Dr to the Yacht Club on left.

                            Lakeland Yacht & Country Club
                            929 Lake Hollingsworth Dr.
                            Lakeland, FL 33803
                            444-B now 4-F
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                              Ok.. I got a guy who can bring it back to Michigan. Anyone from the Jersey area going to Florida have an open bunk? Shawn Breisacher is the guy with the goods... Mount Holly is the place... anyone?


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                                What time do you plan to start racing on Friday?