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    It Works!

    The testing schedule as presented has been done at Wakefield for years and doesn't seem to have many drawbacks. The most obvious benefit is having similar speed classes on the water at the same time for safety reasons. It might be a little easier to get volunteers for safety boat duty if their classes are set for another time. Less obvious, but community friendly, is that you won't have 4 cyl. mod guys out there running for hours on end. I am a 4 cyl. mod guy and even I get sick of it. I have seen more than one guy over the years who ran so much in testing that the engine was sick and worn out by elims.


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      Of course there are drawbacks to any system used....I am just going by what has worked for SOA in the past. I still feel open testing is better. We have had few issues or problems with it in region ten, but I do understand your arguments. David (aka US 13)


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        Testing schedule..

        The set testing schedule always works great out here (midwest). Especially when you are dealing with the number of entries at Wakefield and other places. You just have to be ready to go when it is your time. Plus you get a second chance to test later in the day... If you are going to try to get any type of actual readings it must be limited down to classes...Just thoughts from this end.


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          Originally posted by BP125V View Post

          use Google Earth. Pits are on the north side of the lake at the east end, judge's stand is located in front of the pavilion (just SE of beach) on the north side of the lake.
          Thank you Bill.

          I now have a much better idea of the lay of the land.

          I tried Google Earth but the resolution gets fuzzy when I zoom in. Bing Maps Birds Eye view is normally really good but it has not yet been refined in this area.

          Have you or your team set up a social network page yet? Do your part to expose and promote the sport when you’re not racing and create a presence online today.


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            My first time back to Wakefield in 31 years this time we will be running 3 generations of boat racers ,Grandson 2 sons and me Grandpa we are all winners already!! Will be There on Friday Let the party begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WALLY 3W DMH


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              less then 2 weeks


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                3 days!!
                Gene Schertz 26V
                TEAM CAFFEINE
                Cranked up and ready to Roll
                Reeds for Speed!


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                  Any reports?

                  What's happen'n?....any travel story's???
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