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Thanks from Team Luce

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  • Thanks from Team Luce

    We finally all the boys home today! Everyone is alright.
    I can't thank you all enough for your support during this week. I am grateful and amazed by how tight knit the boat racing family is !
    ...and would have never made it through this week without you!
    Friends could not believe how calm we were at home during this stressful week but I had no doubt that everything would be alright and I attribute it to all of you!
    Thank you soooooo much for your heart warming support for my family!
    Jeanette Luce

    ...and thank you Travis....
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    We only wish we could do more!

    I was so happy to see the boys last night, and I ams so happy everyone was ok! We are so lucky to be blessed with such an amazing family at the races.

    I hope Cassandra Hiawatha Bigglesworth is getting used to her new home.

    Love you guys so much!
    "I don't want to just live life, I want to live an extraordinary life." - Kevin Ladd


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      Thank you everyone for all help concerns and well wishes . Its great to be part of a group of people that without hesitation are ready to help in any way possible. All of you help to smooth out those occasional bumps in the road. Robert and James finally made it home this morning . I really missed the little guy ...some of us carpenters require the help of an eight year old to say thank you on the internet. quote of the week by Dan Acierno "George when you were born you had a horse shoe stuck in your a.. " Well... I sure hope it doesn't fall out and I thank God for Corn !
      See all of you at the races
      George Luce


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        Tell us more about Cassandra Hiawatha Bigglesworth. Is this a new 4 legged family member? Jack


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          Cassandra Hiawatha Bigglesworth is a ferocious wild barn kitten that was on the farm by the crash site!


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            Originally posted by George Luce 88N View Post
            Cassandra Hiawatha Bigglesworth is a ferocious wild barn kitten that was on the farm by the crash site!
            One more mean Luce pet to give Rock a hard time when we visit!! Hope you got it declawed!!

            The Captain


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              George--you by far are one of the nicest guys I have met in my very short tenure attending races. Your racing spirit; kindness for others; and always willing to help are all things the youngsters (even us ole folks) look up to. Others definitely want to follow in your footsteps! Glad you are home safe! Shea