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    Kind of curious....

    Anyone know who makes the best 125 and 175 motors?...By "best" I mean the fastest.

    How big of a class is 175 in the US? World?


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    Originally posted by pav225 View Post
    Kind of curious....

    Anyone know who makes the best 125 and 175 motors?...By "best" I mean the fastest.

    How big of a class is 175 in the US? World?

    Interesting that you ask this Question---Pro would allow any motor in these classes If you ask the people that MFG them for sale they will say theres.
    Rossi,VRP Aherns, make most of them. There are a few around made from
    Motor cycle engines and for years Steve Litzell made one that was unbeatable.
    So ya can buy the one that won the most last year or might hold any records.
    But unlike stock or mod keying in on a MFG and thinking the one you buy
    will not be obsolete in a few years or even one years is wrong.
    There are a few guys that are very good engine tuners trying to make there own 125,175 right now and they will be allowed to run them.



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      1 vs. 2 cylinder....


      After reading your post I just briefly searched the net for some info. I see that Rossi builds both single & 2 cylinder engine. I found no info on the VRP anywhere. I was told by a reliable source that they do make a 2 cyl also.

      I too was told that Aarens(sp) isn't even in the hunt.

      You got methanol on the brain?


      "You gotta do the work"- Pop Trolian


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        GRM makes a great 175... VRP does too.

        Here is the info from the Demmler site on the 2009 VRP results:

        Vice World Champion O-125 (René Behncke)

        World Champion O-175 (René Behncke)

        World Champion O-250 (René Behncke)
        European Champion F-250 (René Behncke)
        International German Champion O-250 (René Behncke)

        World Champion F-500 (Marian Jung)
        Vice World Champion F-500 (Tiziano Trombetta)
        European Champion O-500 (Tiziano Trombetta)
        Vice European Champion O-500 (Marian Jung)

        Vice World Champion O-700 (Tiziano Trombetta)
        3rd European Championship O-700 (Marian Jung)

        From the GRM site, here is the info on the 175cc twin:



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          Anyone know who makes the best 125 and 175 motors?...By "best" I mean the fastest.

          How big of a class is 175 in the US? World?
          Fastest manufacturer changes very quickly in PRO. If you want to compete at the highest levels of PRO there are two paths: Make your own and do something different than the competition or do whatever it is your competition is doing, just try to do it better. This makes for a very dynamic playing field and promotes a "motor of the month" mentality.

          Here is another observation: people that weigh more than average cannot compete well in US style PRO. The lower the horsepower of the class, the more this is true.

          The boats used for Worlds (le Mans start) are very different than the boats used for APBA flying starts. The most recent Worlds held here in the US proved the Le Mans start tuned boats can also be the fastest around the course.

          There were (15) 175CCH's that raced in APBA in 2009. 8 were in the southeast. Zero 175CCR's.

          O-175 is one of the most popular of the "O" classes in Europe.

          Disclaimer: none of my observations of PRO are criticisms of either USTS or PRO. They are just observations.

          Brad Walker
          302SSH.....Putting the Stock back in Stock Outboard


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            From the GRM website:

            GRM T175

            COMPLETE ENGINE 2010

            EURO 5800.00

            PISTON AND STROKE: 50.00X44.4 2 CILYNDERS




            Makes this motor around 7,900 USD. This is just a ballpark.

            Call Rex Hall for exact pricing.

            Phone 8165324588
            email: rexfordhall@aol.com
            302SSH.....Putting the Stock back in Stock Outboard


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              Single Cyl

              Do they allow a twin cyl. engine in APBA Pro for this class ? I know at one point the 125 class only allowed 1 cyl.
              Dave Mason
              Just A Boat Racer


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                The 175 can be a single or twin


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                  175 motors

                  The 125cc class still only allows a 1 cylinder motor, but the 175 can be a single or twin cylinder motor. GRM offers a single and a twin 175, and I think VRP only offers a twin cylinder motor, but I am not certain of this.

                  Rex Hall


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                    Originally posted by pav225 View Post
                    Kind of curious....

                    Anyone know who makes the best 125 and 175 motors?...By "best" I mean the fastest.

                    How big of a class is 175 in the US? World?

                    That is a loaded question! Depends on who you ask I guess. All of the brands available are very good motors. Unlike their stock counter parts, pro motors only meet the displacement of class so they all have the capability to win. Drivers and mechanics that work real hard and do set , prop work, ( Like in stock/Mod) usually show their talent on the race course. All motors in 125 and 175 make about the same power and turn about the same RPM, so the tuner has the edge just like in other categories. It is like in Nascar, What do you like Fords, Chevy's Dodges or Toyota's? They all win races. My personal preference is VRP. They make both single and twin cylinder motors, But the twin is much more balanced and smoother on the driveline. Single cylinder motors are a little harder on the drive line and other parts because of inherent balance problems. A single cylinder 175 has about a 64mm bore as compared to 2 48mm bores. The twin Cylinder 175 VRP motor is about 3/4 size of a 250, and is very light as well as fast. As posted earlier VRP motors won all World Championship races last year (2009) except for 350, But we are working on that too! VRP 175 twin is about 200 euro's less than GRM. Any more questions please feel free to contact me as I can answer all your questions. Steve


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                      The GRM is slightly more expensive than the VRP, but comes standard with programmable ignition and a hydralic lift system on the tower housing which is very important for these motors if you do a jetty start.

                      Rex Hall


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                        175cc Engines need KOMATO 11:15 "Hatchet" Gearcase

                        Hello 175cc Drivers;

                        Put the fastest KOMATO 11:15 "Hatchet" Gearcase under your 175cc Engine for maximum speed.

                        Jim McKean
                        E-Mail: captainjimmckean@yahoo.com

                        Dudley Malone
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                          The boats with a hydraulic trim system got on plane much faster than those without at the last Worlds I attended.

                          If your doing a jetty start it is the difference between a podium finish and the middle of the pack.

                          302SSH.....Putting the Stock back in Stock Outboard


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                            So do any of you guys know approximately how many horse power the 125's and 175's put out these days - at least out of the box from the manufacturers ?



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                              Thanks to everyone for their replies.

                              Now we have some homework to do!

                              - Mike