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One Hot Summer With Smokin Joe Pater

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  • One Hot Summer With Smokin Joe Pater

    It all started a week before the Nationals when I called Cupps Racing in Harbor Springs to see if I could buy thew boat I originally built 11 years ago for Ken Yoder. I did some repair work to the boat and Blue Bayou was delivered to Joe on Friday before the Nationals. Joe worked on the boat Sat., put it in the water Monday, and realized we were way off on speed. He still qualified for the Nationals. We tested Thursday and thanks to a little help from our Florida friend we increased our speed. Thanks to hard work, Joe's awesome driving, and a little bit of controversy...WE WON!!!

    After the Nationals Joe decided he wanted to go for high points in C Runabout and C Hydro so we went to Dayton where he won both days with the Hydro and won Sunday with the runabout.

    Next was Lockhaven where Joe won Runabout and Hydro classes, Dash for Cash ($1000 purse) and took the North American Chhampionship in C Runabout.

    In Big Rapids Joe won C Hydro and tied up the high points in that class and took C Runabout on Sunday.

    Back to Pennsylvania. The Franklin race revealed Joe's secret fuel additive-a honeybee in the fuel line! After Joe blew the bee out it took off like a rocket! (Both the bee AND the boat!)
    On Saturday he cracked up Tommy Johnson's B Mod Hydro and injured his foot, leaving me to think we were done racing with only 50 pts. to go. After being treated at the hospital Joe decided to race the boat on Sun. to get the points. Three out of four boats started the race and as I'm standing next to Ed Hearn, he says to me, "Looks like you're going to another race to get the points." In the second heat Joe waited for everyone to get on plane before going out. There was a boat having difficulty getting on plane so Joe was circling around him telling him what to do. Finally pulling up right beside him Joe waved his magic wand and miraculously the boat planed off without Joe asking for his AAA Card. Joe ran with a wounded foot but finished the race and got those 50 pts.

    We finished the summer with 5 titles in 2 classes running eleven year old boats!
    Joe also win csr n 25r at the winter nat. that make it 7 titles in all!

    ( And I never thought I'd buy a boat back that I built for someone else!)
    All in all it was a fun summer....even though I was pit ***** (Next summer Joe will also be walking away with this title!!)

    Thanks again Joe..I loved the Friday night all-nighters! Sorry-you're just not my type!

    Thanks again Smokin Joe----Let's do it again next year!
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    That's a great story...Congratulations


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      Yeah the boat he got going was my dad's csr. He had a problem that he didnt find out till after racing. His timing shifted on him and retarded his engine. Joe pulled up next to him and help give my dad the extra juice to get it up and going.
      MJR Composites racing...cleveland division


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        "Man On a Mission" Uncle Joe.....

        As Dwight stated what an amazing accomplishment!

        I too have spent some time at the shed with Joe...... Fuel class is a 3 day session w/few breaks!

        Thanks for everything you have done for me & all the great conversations.

        You earned & deserve the "induction" you will get! Congrats again to you & your amazing family.

        Brent 17W

        "You gotta do the work"- Pop Trolian


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          Joe Pater

          What Joe Pater has done this year is remarkable; in the most competitive classes in all of Stock Outboard he has consistently come out on top.

          He deserves every honor he has coming to him.

          302SSH.....Putting the Stock back in Stock Outboard


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            Congratulations to Joe on an unbelievable season! After your wins at Lockhaven, I knew I was in serious trouble. Finishing it up like you did shows that you are truly a deserving competitor. Way to go!

            On a side note... Dwight, you just might win the hydroracer award for most "Brokeback Mountain" sounding thread title!
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              Originally posted by DwightMorin View Post
              ****Next was Lockhaven where Joe won Runabout and Hydro classes, Dash for Cash ($1000 purse) and took the North American Chhampionship in C Runabout.

              Don't forget the $100.00 he won at Dayton! I think that was more valuable than the purse at Lockhaven. Do you still have the check?

              "That is NOT why people hate me." - 14-H.


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                Congratulations Joe on your great accomplishment !!

                "...if your not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space"



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                  I still have the check need to cash it in.Good luck on your points;


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                    Dwight get off the computer and get out to the shop and get Joes New boat Done. Now that we got our motor issues behind us we are coming out in 2010 with a vengence. I think Joe took you off his christmas card list this year? Good Job Smoking, I am proud of you and am glad it was you who showed them boys the way around. Your Buddy Mikey
                    mike ross


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                      Joe like driving the antiques, he says there faster what do you think?



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                        He definitly will need new wood!!!!!!!! Mikey
                        mike ross