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2009 APBA Winter Nationals Coverage

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    "Common Matt, theres other racin besides CSH!!"

    -- Not in my world Warbs.
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    Twisted Sister


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      Saw this on the facebook group.

      AMH-Final Results: 1st-Tom Sutherland, 2nd-Jesse Swain

      nothin else posted there.
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        At 2:30 est - they had just finished the 2nd set.

        Final results
        K Lewis

        Walter Schlif
        Andy Hanson
        Bruce Hanson

        Tom Sutherland
        Jesse Swain
        Jeff Carter

        Rotten Ralph Cook
        Brian Caffarelli
        Jerry Davids

        Abby Pond
        Tony Lombardo
        Dana Holt

        Brian Palmquist
        Rick Miller
        Dave Curtis

        Rotten Ralph Cook
        Burnin' Vernon Barfield
        Cinthia Salkeld
        No Palmquist rig entered

        Tie 1st - Eddie Hearn & Joe Pater - Timer malfunction
        3rd- Mike Perman

        70 degrees - a light breeze down the front stretch.
        Wrecks or dumps in many classes.
        They are trying to get through the 4th set today.
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        Brian 10s


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          Microsoft has a new commercial showing on cable right now of how easy it is for a little six year old girl to take photos and upload them on her laptop using Windows photo gallery.

          Hello pit crews and family members, I know they drivers might be busy right now but how about the girl friends and crew members just hanging out for the weekend did anyone take a laptop and digital cam?


          PS. I know the drivers are busy so please no responses saying be patient Dan, I am calling on the friends and family members that might have some free time.
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            Perman 3rd in 25ssr??? I didn't know he had a merc 25?? LOL. He's usually a yamato guy....and those are illigal in 25r now...Did Dave Anderson make the trip to LA for DSH for nothing???
            Kyle Bahl

            "He didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you, he rubbed you, and rubbin' son is racin'!"


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              Abby Pond sure didn't make the trip for nuthin'!
              She's my hero!
              Twisted Sister


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                Way To Go Abby!!

                You rock girl!!!!!!
                Makin your Daddy proud! and all of us as well.

                Christine, Jeff, Abby and Austin


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                  Yea Abby

                  We were with you - every turn!
                  Way to go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Augustine Racing


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                    Jack flew high and twisted in air on start line. Very scary for about 5 minutes but refused trip to hospitol. What a trooper as he made th start to heat 2.
                    Mark O'Brien


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                      Wrecks or dumps in many classes.

                      Just for those at home - more "fall out" of boats than wreck or at least as far as I know.

                      I do not want to worry anyone with half a**ed information that I post.
                      Brian 10s


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                        Go Region 10

                        Originally posted by Matt Dagostino View Post
                        Per Troy G.
                        18 boats.
                        1st Place............Charlie Pater
                        2nd Place............Tom TJ Johnston
                        3rd Place.............Kyle Lewis

                        Lots of gun jumping, crashing and chopping

                        Congrats Kyle .... heard you were out in front in Heat 2 ... bummers about the red flag. Good Job!
                        Congratulations to all, but in particular from us region 10 racers to Kyle Lewis and Mike Perman third place(s) at Winter Nationals. It sounds like a little better luck and Kyle would have finished higher? But that's racing. We will be following 20ssh tomorrow...good luck...and hopefully Dave (DSH) didn't make the trip for nothing.

                        Good Luck
                        Nilsen Racing


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                          Well i am not sure at all of results... I do know that Brian Palmquist won BMH, CMH, and DMH. Ralph Cook won FER and FEH. Rick Miller won BMR with Davids 2nd (I think) and myself third. There were quite a few accidents. The first being in the CSH Final Heat 1. Lombarto and Allen got into one another. Then in CSH Final Heat 2, Dean Sutherland barrel rolled it in the last turn of the 2nd lap. Kyle Lewis had a huge lead on the field. But the heat got red flagged since the last lap had not been started. There was a LOT of gun jumping throughout the day. It plagued many of the CSH drivers. Jack Stotts blew over his CMH on the start of the first heat. Scary moment, but once check out by the EMTs... he was ok. And even made it out to race the secound heat. I am not sure of the name... but his boat number is 99S I believe. He hit the water in both heats of Formula A Hydro i think it was. In the exact same place. All were ok and walked away. I think some of their feelings may have been hurt, but thats all. A lot of close, fast racing was seen. I tried to get some poic for you guys... But with motor swaps and having to race Formula E Runabout (that was unexpected even to me) my time was consumed. The race course was super fast today. The wind kicked up a few times... and it made things quite hairy. Sorry i couldnt be more exact or detailed... but I did my best. I am REALLY looking forward to 20SSH tomorrow. A full feild and its going to be fun... wish me luck, I am goign to need it with as fast as everyone if running.

                          P.S. DSH ended up only having one entry. But I saw him racing in DMH... so he got to race atleast. The trip was somewhat saved. Another class that only had 2 entries was 25SSH... but no luck in finding more. The class didnt race saddly.

                          P.P.S. Mr. David.. you should bring that bike down here in May and let me show you how its supposed to be ridden!!! haha All in fun.
                          John Mathews @ Mathews Racing L-390

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                            Thanks John for the update and details


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                              Originally posted by Racerkyle20 View Post
                              Perman 3rd in 25ssr??? I didn't know he had a merc 25?? LOL. He's usually a yamato guy....and those are illigal in 25r now...Did Dave Anderson make the trip to LA for DSH for nothing???
                              not yet..........the Yamato is still legal in 25SSR........poor Davey having to run with the 750mods..........

                              atleast it gave him time to break his motor in (I hope).......


                              Team Darneille



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                                Rest of Friday

                                Cooper Jess
                                Ed Hearn
                                Tylane Hubert

                                Brian Palmquist
                                Ton Johnston
                                Rick Miller

                                Joe Pater
                                Dean Sutherland - Hired gun for the 222-M John Finn rig
                                Tom Nuicio

                                Terry Kerr
                                Dana Holt
                                Andy Anderson
                                Note - Running really strong was Rich Runne in the probationary Sidewinder A
                                - Real competitive. Might have finished in 4th-5th overall but received zero points because of prototype status.

                                Brian Palmquist
                                Cynthia Salkeld
                                Steve dunn

                                Rick Miller
                                Jerry Davids
                                Jon Matthews
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                                Brian 10s