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Parking at Pineville-Winter Nationals

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  • Parking at Pineville-Winter Nationals

    I have been asked to attempt to lend some semblance of organization to the parking at Pineville. As those of you have been there before know, the park has about four levels of terrace. We would like to reserve the lower terrace, that closest to the water, entirely for the race rigs and their trailers. Tow vehicles and motor homes should plan to park at any level above the lowest level. We can have two rows of trailers on the lowest level-one against the beach and the other next to the terrace slope.The second and third level have power poles as does part of the area adjacent to the road that runs down the East side of the park. Tow vehicles should plan to drop off their trailers and then park away from the dedicated race equipment level. You may have your tow vehicle at your trailer for unloading and etc but will have to move it to another area as the lower level fills up with race equip. I will be there about noon on Wed. 18 March. The cooperation of all will be appreciated.

    There is plenty of room for all if we use it wisely. Please do not park on the concrete where you may block the boat ramp on the North end of the pit area. Jack (designated Pit Person) (512)280-0645 and cell (512) 917-9019, Email jstottsmk@att.net
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    Just a comment to get this on the front page for those who view for the first time since it is Sat.morning. Look forward to seeing everyone for the start of the 2009 season. Drive safely.


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      I am bumping this to the first page to help ensure that all know what is planned. Dan, this will be the last time doing so. Thanks to all for their support. At this point there have been 195 hits. I think the word is out. Jack


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        Thanks Jack! Can't wait to see you and everyone else!
        Shane Hebert


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          Parking at Winternationals

          Thanks Jack for the information.