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Congratulations and a big thanks to MHRA

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  • Congratulations and a big thanks to MHRA

    Normally after a Nationals people can find or make up something to ***** about, but this was as close to a perfect Nationals as I have ever been to (we'll call it a tie with Moses Lake I was especially impressed with the way the racing ran, early and often! Our club runs all SO, MO PRO and J at our local races, so down time between races is not an option, and down time at a race drives me nuts. These heats were run quickly and efficiently, very nice. Also the town of Grass Lake was awesome, I made friends with the guys at Reed Barbershop and had a good time just walking the streets. Thanks to Vic and the Wild Ones for 125 pizzas and 8 kegs worth of great party. Too many great race comittee folks to name so thanks to everyone involved from Moby Grape Racing.
    Moby Grape Racing
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    Class act by all contributing members. Not a complaint here. Speedy flights, cool wristbands, VERY organized events, extremely clean port-o-johns, good course and pit layout, unique prizes, and a great turnout. Oroville has some big shoes to fill! Hey Dean and co, can't we just come up to Grass Lake every year for the Nats?! It wasn't that much work for ya was it?! lol... My family and I appreciate all the hard work you all put in, I'll never pass up an opportunity to come race in your region in the future. G. Lyons and family
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      It wasn't the same without Pops but I know he would be proud of the way Brian ran his first nationals
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        As a non- racing pit crew guy for the weekend, I want to thank everyone involved who helped put on the race. I got there mid-week, but everything was very professional and run very smooth. I know MHRA put in a ton of hours planning and working the race. I especially liked the victory lap and stage for the championship picture. I have already told people in my area about that. Thanks to everyone who helped us get Braxton to a convenient near by hospital and helped dry out our motor. The social events were great and ditto on thanking all involved on Vic's party. Thanks again to everyone involved.

        Rick Miller
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          great job MHRA

          We really had a great time, thanks for all of the hard work and attention to detail. It was very evident to me that a lot of people in that club (and a few not in the club) worked extemely hard to execute a very well thought out plan.

          Just one question though - how in the world was Ed Harrington part of a winning "Best Dressed Team"? Must have been one the proudest days in Nicole's life.

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            I agree with all the good things that have been said about nationals. I am changing the name of my racing team to "Maybe next year racing"


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              Great Nationals!

              I had a great time at Grass Lake.
              I learned a lot about what the Nationals are all about:
              1. Great racing
              2. Meeting racers from around the country whom I've always wanted to meet.
              3. Enjoying time with my established "racing family".
              4. Gathering with everyone for the off the water activities.

              Thank you to the MHRA for conducting such a well organized event.


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                What a grest National Championship Race !!!

                This was by far one of the best National Championship Races of all time!!
                Not that the other years and clubs did not do an oustanding job as usual..
                But, MHRA was a class act operation for the entire 8 days of events & racing!!!!
                Many thanks go out to the entire racing association, as well as the other's that were involved in making this Nationals a very well operated event!
                A special thank you to Mark Miskerik, Dean Sutherland, Brian Trolian, Adam Allen, Mark Wheeler, Tom Johnston, Jeff Williams and Tracy Trolian!!!
                The race course, racing, officiating and nightly activities were awsome!!
                Thanks again,
                Jon Brewster


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                  I can't say enough good things about this great week of racing. All the hard work put into the whole event was obvious, down to the smallest of details. Getting off the water with time to spare allowed all to easily attend all the outstanding social functions. Thanks MHRA, especially the Sutherlands, Miskeriks,Sidors ,Trolians, Brinkmans, Tates and anyone else I may have missed. Thank you for the special allowance for our Motorhome, you made a difficult situation easier and this is greatly appreciated. To all who were there, you know the list of great things about this Nationals is long. The time that was had by all will forever be remembered. Hats off to all that made it possible. Billy and Jane Simmons Transcibed and seconded by Darryl Curry 6J