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Thursday at Grass Lake

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  • Thursday at Grass Lake

    Well racing went off this morning without a hitch. All drivers behaved and drove clean races. And the racing for the day ended at 11:06am! Can you believe that! Open testing occurred from 1215 to 1245. Then J testing for 1/2 hour. No more testing allowed from here on. At least on Grass Lake Not that this would ever happen.

    Information from Brinkman's party I counted 125 empty pizza boxes! I think everyone got enough. The fish fry tonight looked to be a success by the turnout. At 800pm the drivers meeting began. Which was GREAT! All those who are in the finals were introduced and pictures of the groups were taken. Fastest qualifier awards were given out. They are as follows:

    BSR - Cooper Jess
    CSR - Greg Lyons
    CSH - Joe Pater
    DSH - Mike Pavlik
    20SSH - Dana Holt
    BSH - Tim Sidor
    ASH - Kyle Hannon
    25SSR - Brian Rhodes
    JSH - Logan Sweeney

    All others not listed did not have eliminations.
    Congrats to all the finalists Good luck and race safe...

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    Roll Call

    Neither Brian Williams nor Amanda Hugenkiss were present for roll call


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      pics from the day

      enjoy them
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        more from today
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          few more... oh and the birds belong to Scott Clark. He refused to leave his birdies at home so he brought them with him. Parakeets. Who would have thought??? Scott you don't look the type.
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            Tonights banquet also previewed the Nationals Trophy, I took a picture of it so everyone who is not here can enjoy it.


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              here they are
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                Just a few misc. pictures from today in the pits. Will post pictures as soon as I can tomorrow. The last picture is what Brian Palmquist does when he wants to ready his mind to race. He relaxes in what , another boat.
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