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video from jesup

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  • video from jesup

    ok nlets see if this works this is a video made at jesup very well put together

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    Lol. The end shot made a great video awesome.


    • JHull11L
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      Yes it does, 18H is hooked up!

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    Great video..............those 750mr's are cool beans. Funny backstory, APBA race committee would not let Jesse's drone operator' fly the drone over the race course per APBA rules i guess. He had to film the airel shots from the other side of the lake. However the shots he got were still very cool. Hope to see him at Tabor City in a couple weeks to film our divisionals and more 750mr and 850mr action! At Unlimited and Offshore races helicopters fly over the race course during the race. I guess a drone is more dangerous..


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      Drones are under FAA guidelines, per our insurance they can fly if we have it noted. Sterling and I talked about it and will have it handled for future events.

      Matt for once stop spouting off and get facts first,

      it is a great video he put together while working within the rules
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      • Matt Dagostino
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        Howie.............thank you for sharing the facts. Now we all know why it couldn't fly directly over the race. He is a nice kid and can't wait to have him film all our races!! Neat how clear and sharp the video is from that high up!! He should get some great shots from Tabor City!!

      • tcf284
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        thanks howie for getting with him ,this guy puts together a very good video he doesnt just get racing he gets all of the action in his video the starting of boats ,the race itself ,and pit shots i have been messaging him on fb he also made the video from jesup last year which shows jessie and austin going at it in csh this guy could very well make us a "promotional "video that could be what we need to bring this sport back up ,

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      Is Tim Sidor explaining how he got chopped?
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