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  • Tabor City 2018

    Race boats and Costumes and Candy, Oh My!
    Itís the last race of the 2018 season, hope you can join us!
    *No testing on Friday
    *Three days of racing in two days. Classes with six or more boats will be eligible for *third day* of racing.
    *Classes without enough entries will be combined or canceled.
    *Absolutely no boats in water without signing waiver and receiving wristband. Wristbands must be worn in Restricted Areas.
    *Pot Luck Dinner in pits on Saturday night, please bring a dish to share- please coordinate with Robin Runne
    *Halloween Regatta-costume party on Saturday night!
    *Special event should time permit- Dynamic Duo Tag Team Race. Small runabouts, big hydros. You and your teammate must be present at costume party on Saturday night dressed as a dynamic duo (Batman and Robin, Wayne and Garth, etc). The race event will take place on Sunday. Each driver will pay $20 to enter, winning team takes all!

    Sanction info:

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    If you had reservations at the Carolina Inn in Loris, you better call and check on them. They called me today and cancelled my reservation that I have had for several weeks. The reason being extended occupancy by folks from Hurricane Florence. Whiteville, a little farther away, still has hotels with rooms a few hours ago.
    Tom Burwinkle


    • Mike29J
      Mike29J commented
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      I believe I have your starter rope. Found it on the shoreline @ wilson

    • burl11
      burl11 commented
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      Thank you for letting me know. No doubt it got left there on the last crazy heat of the evening when the light was rapidly fading. We'll meet up again at another ramp some day. Tabor maybe?

    • Mike29J
      Mike29J commented
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      yeah I'll be at Tabor

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    Any 350 hydros coming to Tabor


    • burl11
      burl11 commented
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      11K will be there.

    • Howie Nichols
      Howie Nichols commented
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      Korpe says he will be there with a 350 too

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    Tomorrow is the last day to pre-register!

    Please send completed entry blanks to Joyce at Also please note if you would like to register for the "third" day of racing.


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      Let's go a roll going........I stole my brother's CSH. Any CSR's coming?
      Shawn Breisacher


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        I'll be running BSH and 300SSH


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          I will be running 750MH.
          Kris Wirth
          750 MH


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            I'm bringing a CSR and vintage stuff, no room for the Mod this weekend but I can step up with the stock if boats are lacking.

            Tim Weber


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              We are planning to run:

              Possibly run:


              • j hydro racer
                j hydro racer commented
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                I’ll be there to pit for the Pavlicks, looks like they might need some help.

              • pav225
                pav225 commented
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                There goes my costume idea. I was going to dress up with Pit Vipers and be yours and Mikey's pit crew.

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              Raking leaves in 37F Rain is fun, but breaktime on CVRA Facebook is funner.
              FYI: Already lots of Tabor Photos & Vids posted.