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2016 SO / MOD / J Nationals @ Hinton, WV

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  • 2016 SO / MOD / J Nationals @ Hinton, WV

    Please check out the attached Go Fund Me link to assist with our 2016 Nationals in Hinton WV. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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    What sponsor was lost and why?


    • dwhitford
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      I believe it was the West Virginia Water Festival (WVWF), an org that's been around at least since the middle 1970s, if I'm not mistaken. Losing their support is a big deal: loss of manpower, funding, help w/ port-o-jons, ambulance, concessions ...

      My 1st trip to Hinton was to the 1969 Stock Nationals ... not sure whether the WVWF was around then, but I'm fairly certain that it was available for the 1977 PRO Nationals (when Elvis died). I also attended one or two local CVRA club races at Hinton in the early '70s. Hinton is my favorite regatta site of any I've been to in North America.

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    Why don't we go some where that they want us and would pay for the event.? Is tradition standing in the way?


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      looks like places we race at for local events


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        If you don't have nothing good to say about what our club is trying to do, then don't say anything at all. I don't talk about your club,don't talk about mine! Have a happy new year! Jimmy


        • kampenracing
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          You are 100% right!!! Good luck with your fund raising!!!

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        Some folks are blessed with race sites that have lots of businesses and a population that might be able to support boat racing. I've never been to Hinton before (I'll be making my first trip in August), but most of the things I have heard have been nothing but great. The one down side is it's in the "middle of nowhere." In quotes from someone who was there in 1994. Now things may have changed, but quite likely not in the way of a booming population and/or businesses that have extra cash to support a big boat race. Sometimes that happens. I was the Co-Race chairman for the Moses Lake nationals in 2014. That is a small town/city of 20,000 with the lake in the middle of everything. Sponsors were easier to come by, but still difficult. I know for a fact Abby Pond (race director of Hinton) has been working her butt off trying to come up with money for this event. If they state they lost a sponsor then I believe it and we should help where we can. Those individuals and clubs that have put on an APBA nationals know the financial strain it comes with. I hope some folks can throw in some cash if they can. Abby and Co. have found an out of the box idea to raise money and it should be encouraged.
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          what are the confirmed dates for this nationals? need to make vacation requests.


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            Bump................Hinton, Starts Monday August 1-August 6th


            • tcf284
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              a couple of years ago region 4 was handing out refridgerator magnets with this years nationals on it but had the dates in early june hope there isn't a misunderstanding about the dates on their end of things check into it matt ok

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            I have been there three times I think. What a cool place to race! Last time I was there I took some clothes to a small laundromat in town...left clothes with a younger gal...came back a few hours later and total bill was around 5 bucks....gave her 10 bucks and told her to keep the change.....she was shocked and so grateful! I hope the Badger den (local bar) is still there....I could tell you some stories about that place but this is a family site.


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              bump- Good Cause