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    Folks, as most of you know, I am a new driver this year. I am put it kindly.....a senior driver and I lost my six pack abs about 50 years ago. So it is safe to say, I probably won't be threatening any of the top guns in this sport. However I am in this for fun, pure and simple. I am also an experimenter, I like to play around with different ways to do things. As you can see by my previous posts I am interested in different safetey gear and boat designs like sit in boats vs. kneelers. Since I have been treated so well by DVORA members and more I have decided my main goal is to use my equipment and time as a platform for innovation. I am not after championships although I will try hard to podium as I get better. So if anyone has had an idea they wanted to try out in real time on the water (hydroplane) let me know and if it is feasible I will modify my equipment and try it out. I want to see if I can contribute improved safety to this sport. I have a couple of ideas I will be implimenting myself but I'll bet there are some out there that want to try something but don't want to hurt their chances in points or performance. So lets try it out in my boat and see what happens. Remember, I am interested in safety improvement not speed performance. Also any manufacturers who are interested in a test bed let me know.