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Testing in New Jersey

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  • Testing in New Jersey

    I guess this is a question for the drivers who live in NJ. Where do you test...? I don't mean at what races do you test, I mean where do you test away from the races....? For instance to test an inboard you get a test permit from the coast guard and they assign you a time and an area (usually between a set of navigation buoys) and you arrange your own launching etc. So is there a different set of rules pertaining to lakes etc......for outboards..?

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    Re: Testing in New Jersey

    By law if the race boat is not registered through the state meaning you went and had the boat inspected by the Marine Police, you have to file a race test permit by the Marine Police. New Jersey is full of lakes, just finding a time when no one is on the water, Inboard testing is completely different, unless you have access to a crane then good luck, and depending on the hull a diver on hand is alway helpful.

    The operator/owner of an unregistered racing vessel, wishing to test run the vessel in preparation for competition in an authorized race within the State of New Jersey, must first obtain a race test permit by applying at the nearest New Jersey State Police, Marine Law Enforcement station.
    2. No vessel shall move across or around the course of an authorized race or regatta so as to create a water condition which shall unnecessarily endanger the life, limb or craft of those competing in the race or regatta.

    1. Before any race boat is tested, the operator shall secure a race test permit from the New Jersey State Police, Marine Law Enforcement station in that area
    2. Before the permit is issued, the applicant shall give to the Marine Law Enforcement station a statement which shall include the following: a. Name and address of the operator; b. Type and description of the boat; c. The name and address of the boat owner; d. The date and location of the next race in which the operator will compete; e. Any other information deemed necessary by the Marine Law Enforcement Station Commander or his representative.
    3. From May 15 through October 1, there shall be no race tests permitted on any Saturday, Sunday or holiday.
    4. All race tests shall be limited to a total test period of twenty (20) minutes on the water.
    5. No operator shall be permitted more than five race tests in any seven day period.
    6. No boat shall be tested more than five times in any seven day period.
    7. The provisions of paragraphs 3, 5 and 6 of this subsection shall not apply on a body of water in the three day period immediately preceding a race on that body of water. Testing on days of sanctioned racing may be subject to such restrictions as may be imposed by the United States Coast Guard or the New Jersey State Police, Marine Law Enforcement.
    8. The Station Commander or his designee, of the nearest New Jersey State Police, Marine Law Enforcement station, is authorized to deny or cancel any permit for the reasons of boat traffic, poor weather, confined area or other valid reason.

    This can be found on page 39.
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      Re: Testing in New Jersey

      Thanks Johnny!

      Regarding #4 and #5. Since it's limited to 20 minutes total water time, do you know if it's possible (in theory) to get back to back testing permits? Ie: do 2-3 of the tests in a 7 day period


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        Re: Testing in New Jersey

        So 20 minutes of water is actually a while for testing, but unless you are being a problem, you won't find a marine police officer watching you with a stop watch. When you file the permit, they will just ask you what time you would like to start, we always explained that we make several runs over this 20 minute frame so for example we would get the permit for 4pm-7pm which allows us 3 hours to use the 20 minutes of water time. five test permits can be issued in a 7 day period not sure on this though, we have never had a problem testing. We generally get a permit to make sure we don't get a ticket for noise mostly when we run the mod stuff. Budd lake does not have a speed limit but the permit also protects from a speeding ticket as well. Just be smart, respect the people who are also at the lake to enjoy it, Explain what you are doing, most people find it interesting and give the water time but if one starts off on a bad foot, one risks ruining it for all of us.
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