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    I was wondering about capsule boats in SO. I know they exist in PRO but just because it interests me I am wondering why there are no capsule boats in SO. Do these hulls need far more HP to get on plane then exists in SO...? Is it cost....? Hull dynamics, length, weight etc....? Safety....? Would it be feasible to run a capsule boat in SO...? Just me wondering again......

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    Itís hard enough to get racers to volunteer to go out in the rescue boat, if capsules were run. It would require you to have trained divers out there which is an expense many clubs would not be able to handle. It was tested with a A stock hydro by Furnal, thereís a reason only one was built.


    • Dave Cofone
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      That one went right over my head.....actually it hit me dead center in the forehead......I did not think about the rescue team.....that about ends the discussion right bad....

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    45ss is capsule SO class. Almost all are on the west coast
    sigpicWayne DiGiacomo


    • Ericwienczak
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      15 of us in Michigan alone

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    Here is the boat that we had built. We sent it to Washington for Joseph Rae to test (Rusty Rae's Son).
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      yes you have 15 SST45's for OPC, 45ss Capsules for S/O are all in Washington
      sigpicWayne DiGiacomo


      • 90M
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        No most off those 15 are stock outboard members and race other classes. Just no clubs in Michigan want the extra time and expense to sanction them

      • DiGia54D
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        i understand.

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      David, Capsules were instituted because of the speed being reached by 500/700/1100CC hydro's. In a laydown/kneeldown, when you are well over 100mph, disaster is a blow over away in getting maimed or worse. We lost a great competitor in Gerry Drake a number of years ago in an accident in an open cockpit boat at Depue during testing and that I believe was the catalyst for the capsules with the cocoon of Kevlar for safety.

      In Stock Outboard, I believe that the top speed may be in the high 80's low 90's, still going to hurt.


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        Capsules in Stock Outboard powerboat racing would kill the sport literally overnight. As with all forms of grassroots racing, there is an inherent risk of danger the participants accepts. NHRA racer Jonh Force is quoted as saying "If you're afraid don't get in it" racing is racing, capsule or non-capsule the dangers are still there.
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          Actually my question was more pointed at the fact that capsule boats are sit down boats. As I am getting older my body is revolting against my desire to have fun. Some things are gravity issues and I know in time it will catch up to me and no amount of adjusting position will work. Currently I don't think kneeling will be too much of an issue for me but I know that my knees will give out before my desire does. I am just fishing for info to help plan my future. Right now I am looking at Recumbent bikes....(they are hideously ugly) but i'd rather ride a recumbent than give up riding altogether. I'm older and have health issues but I'm not willing to give up having fun.