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  • Thank You DVORA

    I want to thank the fine people who who invited me to the Fall race at Laurel Lake in Millville this past weekend. Everyone was friendly and helpful to me (the new guy) and a special thank you to the Breisacher brothers for lending their time, hydro and concrete suit (Kevlar).......... Even though mechanical problems force a cancellation of my drivers school I still learned allot, a bunch of folks chipped in to get the boat on the water and did finally get it fixed but racing had already begun. I am not disappointed as I know this is just part of racing. I'll eventually get my chance on the water. And I must also give a shout out to Barbara Brink and her husband for BS'ing with me on the starters was a fun time and I will be back....... See you in the spring, Dave Cofone......

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    Dave welcome to boat racing, these are the best people ,I just finished my 2nd year and I have borrowed tools, fuel, boats ,engines helmets kevlar. Once you show some interest we will not stop . Enjoy


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      Very nice Dave- see you in the spring-

      I would like to 2nd that very special THANK YOU to the Breisacher family(s) for their tireless work for the club & boat racing in general... There are rumors there will be a turn key 300 rig available for sale at driver school 2019 courtesy of D. Breisacher & DVORA

      I wonder if the lad that was running the drone at Millville would be so kind as to post his videos- many thanks
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        Thank you DVORA!

        This was our first time at Millville and we had a great time! Fun race course, nice pits, and a great Italian feast Saturday night.

        Thank you to everyone on the race committee for running a wonderful race and doing their best to ensure everyone had a chance to get on the water to race, AND have fun.

        We really appreciate the great hospitality by everyone there. Hopefully we can make it again next year.

        - Mike

        PS. It was great to see new drivers in 300ssH and some returning drivers in 20ssH. Also, BSH had some great racing between 3 different motors, but I'll comment more on that in the other thread.


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          Yes, George is correct. If all goes according to plan this winter, DVORA will have a 300SSH available to use as a driving school boat, to help fill out a field, and for sale to any new driver who comes through the school. We'll have more details as it gets finalized, but we hope to get a bunch of people a ride in a race boat next year and have good competitive equipment available and ready to purchase on site.