I’m about as far as you can go West. About 75 miles west I can dip my big toe in the Pacific Ocean, it’s kinda chilling. We live on Vancouver Island.
I just shipped a Merc 44XS to New York State last Spring in two crates, I was surprised how cheap it was. About the same price to ship a complete motor to Seattle. Crazy.
Not sure if I’ve mentioned this, I have two Evinrude mod 49.7’s on 850 cc class laydown’s for 1 my older son (34) and 1 for me. I’m looking for a 45ss for my younger son’s(32) D stock hydro, he had the 44XS on it but it was a “bit of a dog”!
We just have a fun boat race club that we run in, one big regatta once a year then a group of us (about 8 of us) “rat race” our hydro’s once or twice a month. The club is mostly a drag boat club, us guys pick up our race buoys and race around a different course that we have set up on the same lake as our a summer cottage.