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Oshkosh, wi july 18-19 stock, mod, j, pro

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  • Oshkosh, wi july 18-19 stock, mod, j, pro

    Oshkosh WI parks has given us the ok to race in the park.

    The first open date in park to be able to have a race was July 18 and 19th!!!

    We will run 3 days over 2 of racing!!!

    J hydro and J runabout The 3rd day of racing will be FREE!!!!!

    Do to covid 19 shut down of local businesses we have NO sponsorship for this race will 100% out of our club pocket!!!

    We need divers to support active boat races this year that you can make!! I would think most clubs will be short on sponsorships for their races this year and need all the support they can get!!

    Oshkosh city restrictions are... try to practice social distancing the best we can. They understand that at times we do have interact with each other and that's just the way it is and just do the best we can.

    Announce to practice social distancing, no local advertising for event, no food or drink sales, space trailers out a little bit more then normal, Drivers meeting will be Drivers only and spread out, and no awards party and have best time we can under current situation and thanks for coming to Oshkosh!!!.

    Will add updates as it gets closer . I still have some loose ends to tie up, but looking forward to racing in WI in a about month from now!!!

    City just gave me ok Monday to host a race!! Oshkosh had Drag boat races in park last weekend. A group of BSOA members went to watch and see how they handled the race and health restriction from city and we feel that we can race under same conditions as drag boat group .

    City was happy how drag boat group ran their race and if we can do same thing they have no problem with us racing in park.


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    We are good to go racing at this time!!!! Come to Oshkosh WI!!!


    JULY 18TH AND 19TH

    --We will be running 3 days over 2--
    "for most Classes and all J-Class"

    This course is the Bristol of Kneel Down Boat Racing! Plan out your trip now!!

    Friday-Track Resurfacing and setup! If you can, please plan on showing up early and help out so we have fresh clean water for the weekend!!

    We'd like to have the club's boats in the water, fence, park benches, and race course done on Friday! We'll have the club truck there by about 1:00 pm !

    Dock Side Tavern* has been our are main sponsor for many years, they where hit hard by shutdowns and could not commit to us money wise this year!

    Please still go there Tell them Thanks for all the help and support in the past!!

    Please eat drink and party here Friday and Saturday night.
    Hang out or eat outside on their deck!

    Make sure they KNOW you are with the BOAT RACES!!!
    Tell your waitress / bartender that you are with us and you spent money there!!

    Saturday*- lots of good close racing and go hang out at the Dock Side after racing is done

    Sunday- More great racing, followed with track tear down and the great Wing Party at "THE BAR" (past sponsor).

    "THE BAR"*once again donated a wing party, stop in and hang out before we all leave Osh-Vegas till next time!!!


    The Bar of Oshkosh
    825 N. Washburn Street
    Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54904

    They also a past sponsor, other than just the normal free wings!!!!

    Don't miss the best little race course in the Midwest!!!!!. If you like fun, friends come to Oshkosh!!!!

    **Dock Side Tavern** , So PLEASE go there Friday AND Saturday night to eat and hang out with us. That is the place to go to hang out!!!


    Dock Side Tavern
    425 Nebraska St.
    Oshkosh, WI 54904
    on the Fox River

    For all of you that never been to Oshkosh, check out are Badger State Outboard Association's*photo-archives page*to see the*Fox 11 News*for interviews at the race*at Oshkosh, WI !!


    Bob's Mini-Mart is one of are past sponsors and has NON-Ethanol in all 3 grades of fuel

    Bob’s Mini-Mart
    506 Ohio St
    Oshkosh, WI 54902
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      Bring your own cooler with water and refreshments and snacks for the weekend. There will be none available for sale at race site

      Bring a lawn chair for drivers meeting

      Have fun!!!!


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        What does a non-racing membership to your club cost, and do you allow out-of-region members?

        Mark Ritchie
        Former Boat Racer
        21st Century: CSH, CSR, and "J Dad" x2
        20th Century: ASH, ASR, BSR, 25SSH, 25SSR



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          We do allow any one to join our club. B.S.O.A membership is $25.00 single person. $30.00 for whole family (all must currently live in same house).

          Badger State Outboard Association new website address below !!!


          Go to video section on our website and watch Oshkosh videos if you never been here!!

          We have never gotten blown out!!! We have race here 25 plus years never missed a day of racing!! We are protected 300 degrees around our nice short course we run here
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            If you plan on coming to Oshkosh and racing please pre-register! Here is the link to the sanction where you can find my email address where you can send your entry blank too (one entry blank per class) and the link to the online entry blank.


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              Bumpy Bumpy


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                Come to Oshkosh! Best little short track around..


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                  BSOA did buy a supply of masks from Menards. They will be available for those that would like to wear one.
                  Oshkosh area does not require masks to be worn.

                  I will not require any one to wear one.

                  It is your american freedom to make a choice and please respect others choice.


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                    Everyone have a safe, fun race... And good luck to all.

                    Dean F. Hobart


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                      Thanks to all that came to race. Hope you all had fun and good time. Thanks to all that helped out and got the Weeds off our race course. They had about over 10 hours of removing weeds so we could race.



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                        Great job banging out heats on Sunday to get everything done, early!
                        DAVEY 18w


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                          How many boats, drivers..... and results please. Thank you.

                          Dean F. Hobart


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                            Was good to see Jason and Michael have a good run with the old 15SS engines!