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Oshkosh 2019 Stock, Mod ,J-Classes, Drivers school

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  • Oshkosh 2019 Stock, Mod ,J-Classes, Drivers school

    Oshkosh 2019 Stock, Mod ,J-Classes, Drivers school

    *** Stock, Mod, J-Classes August 31 and September 1st * **

    --We will be running 3 days over 2--
    "for most Classes and all J-Class"

    Drivers school on Saturday and Sunday.*We have 4 openings left if anyone interested!

    Come to Osh-Vegas Labor Day Weekend!!*
    Kneel down Short Course Shoot Out! Sat and Sun.

    This course is the Bristol of Kneel Down Boat Racing! Plan out your trip now!!

    Friday-Track Resurfacing Party and setup! If you can, please plan on showing up early and help out so we have fresh clean water for the weekend!!

    We'd like to have the club's boats in the water, fence, park benches, and race course done on Friday! We'll have the club truck there by 1:00 pm !

    Dock Side Tavern*is are main sponsor again this year.

    Please eat drink and party here Friday and Saturday night.
    They have great bands both nights outside on their deck!

    Make sure they KNOW you are with the BOAT RACES!!!
    Tell your waitress / bartender that you are with us and you spent money there!!

    Saturday*- lots of good close racing and driver party

    Sunday- More great racing, followed with track tear down and the great Wing Party at "THE BAR" (sponsor).

    "THE BAR"*once again donated a Sunday night wing party for us to watch the Nascar race and hang out before we all leave Osh-Vegas till next year!!!


    The Bar of Oshkosh
    825 N. Washburn Street
    Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54904

    They also a sponsor again this year, other than just the normal free wings!!!!

    Don't miss the best little race course in the Midwest!!!!!. If you like fun, friends, parties, and racing in front of a Huge spectator crowd come to Oshkosh!!!!

    For the J-class drivers and AXS I have ice cream donated from Leon's drive in !!

    Dock Side Tavern is are main sponsor again this year, So PLEASE go there Friday night to eat and hang out with us. Go there Sat night after drivers party for the live music.


    Dock Side Tavern
    425 Nebraska St.
    Oshkosh, WI 54904
    on the Fox River

    For all of you that never been to Oshkosh, check out are Badger State Outboard Association's*photo-archives page*to see the*Fox 11 News*forinterviews at the race*at Oshkosh, WI !!


    Bob's Mini-Mart is one of are sponsors and has NON-Ethanol in all 3 grades of fuel

    Bob’s Mini-Mart
    506 Ohio St
    Oshkosh, WI 54902

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    Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Oshkosh

    1800 S Koeller St, Oshkosh, WI 54902•(920) 233-8504

    is our hotel call and ask for shake the lake discount

    Does have a pool!!!

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      We will be racing J hydro and J runabout 3 over 2 days

      3rd day is free!!!!! J drivers ask your parents to come to Oshkosh!!!


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        Those that been thinking on coming to Oshkosh this is last year of annual drivers party at Linda and Fred house on Saturday night. Sorry to say our friends at Team Orange will be moving to California!!!


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          I am hoping to be able to get down there and race on Saturday in 750 MH who else would be there?


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            There are usually 4 or 5 750 hydros at Oshkosh. My mod boat is currently out of action, but I will run my DSH in mod. With the small size of the course there we usually limit the largest classes to 6 boats per heat anyway. Throw on the punchiest wheel you have and enjoy!


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              bumpy bumpy


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                We don’t have food truck on Saturday, they “"short staffed"”.

                Just a heads up for all coming!!!

                So bring some drinks and snacks for during the race on Saturday.

                Food truck will be will be there as normal on Sunday.

                We will have testing Sat and Sun for about 30min and then go racing!!!

                see you all there!!!

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