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20ssh is growing in r12

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  • 20ssh is growing in r12

    The a hydro racers are starting to step up to 20ssh. Alex Bloomfield made the jump at our last parker race in april. In september at San Diego Bayfair we will see jared wallach,gordy jennings jr. and a new racer justin who's grandfather races csh and 20 all make their debut at the 20 class.We have a potential of putting 10 20ssh's on the water.Year by year we are growing.Spencer Love who races 45's will be having his daughter getting into the j class.We currently have two a runabouts in the region so far we are just racing them in region 11.We have 12 a hydro's in the region.The future of R12 stock outboarding is looking brighter.I really believe one day their will be a day that we will not have to race with the inboarders in order to race.So here's to future may region 12 keep prospering.